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Pantheacon, Day Four

2014-02-17, 9:38 a.m.


Pantheacon, Day 4:

I didn’t sleep on Friday night or Sunday night—Saturday night I slept for six hours. I mean specifically that I didn’t lose consciousness all Friday night, slept for six hours before waking up on my own Saturday, and maybe lost consciousness for two hours total on Sunday night. I had to be awake enough to drive home—plus I was partying two nights out of three and arguing with Mom on the phone and crap like that—so winding down to sleep didn’t happen so well.
HOO BOY, DID THE TIRED KICK IN SCARILY TODAY. Oh yeah, and I started getting a sore throat Sunday night. I chugged so much Mountain Dew as a coffee substitute, and I was rather afraid I would be too sleepy to drive home well. Mom nagging me to go home early to avoid the traffic did not help either.

I started out the morning with “Pop Culture Magic for Geeks,” which was astoundingly awesome and I look forward to trying summoning fictional characters for magical purposes. That girl was really fun. I deeply enjoyed this and it got a huge crowd for a Monday morning at the con. If you want to read more on this topic, here are some links.

At every con, there is one period of time where there’s nothing I want to do, and this time’s was a Monday at 11. Kind of an awkward time, I think—if nothing interesting had been going on at 1:30 I could have left early and if nothing had been going on at 9 a.m. I could have slept in, but what do you do at 11 when you’re publicly forbidden from sleeping in public areas at the hotel? Not much. I did a little more discount book shopping and then went outside by the pool and later by the roof to read, and did mandatory Mommy phone call during her lunch hour. I think Jocelyn was up there too, but she was having some kind of intense conversation with someone and didn’t notice me, if it was her. I eventually met up with Merry, who was also getting sick, and she said they were going to skip the closing ritual and go home. If she wasn’t going, I decided I’d skip it too even though I wanted to go—but I was worried about my ability to function.

The final event I went to was Mary Greer’s talk on the Lenormand deck. I liked how you can use the deck to find lost items and predict movie plots (really! Gotta try this). I finally chugged enough Dew to start waking up around 2-2:30, so I figured I should head home while I was still awake. And so I left around 3:30, ran into some scary-ish traffic transfers heading out of the San Jose area, but eventually made it home and even to the gas station. Then my rotted car key broke in the lock (thank god L found her spare key and sent it to me) and I had ten minutes of panic trying to get it out….but I was home and heading to bed at 5:30 p.m. I slept for three hours, then woke up for a few hours of watching skating, then spent the next day taking the day off and being a vegetable until around mid-afternoon.

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