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Karaoke Is Not Dead

2020-02-18, 10:28 p.m.


I take the day off from work the day after the con to try to readjust to having to be in real life again, but today seems a bit rougher because I had to leave the house to do more than a therapy session and I was forced to deal with shitty real life.

I had to re-sign my lease, as management dropped by my place to insist on that. I despise doing this. I am less and less thrilled with apartment management. But frankly, it’s easier than actually moving and the rent is still cheaper here than elsewhere. The more I read the least, the more “the fuck?” moments I have, but ... I don’t have the energy to deal with this.

Also, the stupid app that you have to use to use the laundry is still completely and utterly not working in the slightest. I do not think calling tech support is gonna help when it crashes in five seconds every fucking time and also can’t find the Internet (meanwhile, everything else on the phone is fine). So since I had the day free to sit around fucking babysitting the laundry, I headed to the nearest laundromat, where I had a terrible dumb blonde stupid stupid girl time trying to get the washers and dryers to work and had to ask the girl for help like seven times and felt like a moron because the buttons don’t work very well. I am a total idiot. I was That Customer and I despise those people and now I was one.

On the better news side, I took a walk and the weather is nice and I actually saw my shrink in person for a dim sum lunch combined with session, which I needed between the death of karaoke, being asked out, and being sexually harassed and whatnot. This turned into a long discussion of “see, you can actually manage to say no even though you say you can’t say no,” and how we will probably cut down on sessions since she needs to spend more time on the other coast and while some days I have kickass days in therapy (like today), in other areas I am still wheel spinning. I also did my monologue for her and she said it was “cute,” which is.....concerning?

Karaoke is not dead! I debated whether or not it was a waste of time/going to annoy me if I did the group text to see if anyone would show, but the guys did, at least, eventually. WHEW. Everyone missed me last week, but not too many people were there, apparently. So maybe it’s not over yet.

Memorable moments:
* Badger sang “Brandy.” That’s new.
* A new guy did “Love Shack,” which made me realize just how hard “Love Shack” really is. Especially if you don’t get the rhythm. But hey, it’s karaoke and enthusiasm is appreciated.
* A kid sang “Meant to Be” and actually sang the whole number, by himself, which is not normally something we see in child singers. Good job, kid! In another 30 years you can be a barfly like us!
* Walt sang some nonsense-y Elvis (?) song and later hugged me and kissed me on the ear. That was....strange. No, not in that kind of way.
* Pyrate Matthew briefly dropped in to say hi and drop off restrung guitars for Ashley, which meant that Sarah definitely did not go. Sigh. He said he lives an hour and twenty minutes away now. I said “how’s the new life?” and that was about it. He said it was good.
* Walt gave Jim an eyepatch.
* Jim busted out his tie-dye shirt in the car when he saw what I had on (y’know, the usual).
* I kept my distance from Frank but did sing “Cake By The Ocean” with him again. Did not talk about you-know-what, but since I had people around, that probably helped there.
* Ashley is having pacemaker/medication issues but was still mostly quite cheerful and we talked about knitting a lot. She asked her dad to pick out a song for her and he picked “Chain of Fools,” which she COMPLAINED YEA MIGHTILY about. Uh, you could pick one instead? And then of course she’s fucking awesome at it because she has the voice for it. How such a wee girl has that kind of voice, I do not know. She and I also found out we both like James Bay and did a duet to his version of “Let It Go.”
* Robert sang a song called “Hook” by Blues Traveler that I had never heard of before and was gobsmacked. It really reminded me of that scene in Three Men And A Baby in which Tom Selleck is reading aloud some article about boxing to baby Mary and when this is commented on, points out that “it doesn’t matter what I read, it’s the tone you use. She doesn’t understand the words anyway. The champ entered the fifth round.” Or hearing that “Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind” script where everyone talks like, “Question? Statement!”
* Scott did “Should’ve Known Better” and How Do You Love? Make of that what you will. I didn’t end up talking to him much--he and Robert were talking about the auditions and after having to say, “I sucked, they very obviously didn’t like me” to Robert when he asked if I’d heard anything, I didn’t want to talk about ‘em-- but I’m guessing it went better. (Robert said they did not make him sing but did ask him to read a script.) Scott did thank me for the monologue books and said he used one out of them (“Golden Arches,” about McDonald’s). If/when I ever get those back, I’ll have to look since I never read the men’s, but that does sound like it was up his alley.
* I did a weird mix of songs: “Missing You” by John Waite that brought out the “my high school breakup song” quotes from Jim (I miss the con, y’all), “Galileo” (still missing the con) and “Not The Only One” by Bonnie Raitt, which may not have had any particular effect, but I liked doing it.

I hope people come next week. Until they all get in shows without me, I guess.

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