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2021-02-18, 10:11 p.m.

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Oh, what a day.

Had a staff meeting this morning in which BigBoss went over (a) everyone should be on camera so you aren't forgotten (um....I'm fine with that), and (b) hey, who wants to revisit working in the actual office again? I suspect she wants people to return in person, but a lot of people were all "Hey, I like working from home, not commuting, getting to sleep, etc." and a few were all "Hey, can I just drop in for a few meetings here and there?" I want to say "Hey, let's wait until we see how the vaccinations go and how the variants are going before we make any decisions." Like I had hopes before the variants came, but now, who the hell knows. I don't think anyone said "hey, I want to be in full time!" but a lot said "I love working from home" or "would rather do hybrid." Other than just wanting to hang out with people, I don't think anyone super cares about being back full time, but she keeps hinting that SOME people have to come in full time again, most likely my unit. (But hopefully not me, specifically, since I am not a service person.)

Also, since everyone is getting vaccinated under "emergency use only" protocol, the giant org can't require anyone to get vaccinated (yet, anyway). So that explains that.

Work was ALMOST good all day long. Quarterly Project got done. My boss sent various things to people that took care of shit. She drove out to SF before the crack of dawn this morning to get Covid tested to go to Hawaii--theoretically Saturday if they all pass--and she's afraid to say that she's going on vacation officially or not given how the week is going. (Today is theoretically her last day for over a week if they pass.) Given the 2020's and Murphy's Law, I agree with this logic. Like "go ahead and invite me to all the meetings you're scheduling, I may or may not go, who knows?" This is their third attempt at going and who knows any more? And heck, even if they pass the tests, I wouldn't put it past the universe/her kids that someone comes down with some other random health issue or breaks another limb at the last minute, since one kid already broke a limb last week.

THEN IN THE LAST EFFING HOUR OF THE DAY someone writes back to complain that someone got approved when they should not have been. I looked it up: his office said no, but another office said yes at the last minute, and one of my new coworkers put that into the computer. I assume nothing red flagged for her to make her think we shouldn't have done otherwise. Technically this is not "my fault," but you know how my job goes. So I inform my boss of this and that we have to ask for the approval to be taken back by The Powers That Be, and she fills that out and sends it. I say, what do I say to this guy, I wrote out an explanation, and she says to NOT explain to him, just say that "we are working with TPTB." Then the guy writes back and is all "I just wanted to know what we said" and "hey, we are totally fine with them being approved after all now...."

FACEPALM FACEPALM FACEPALM I told my boss this and at first she was all "You might just have to partner with Grandboss" and I was screaming in my head on this. Finally at the last minute she said to write the guy back saying "too late now, we already asked for this to be taken back."

I do not look forward to having to contact Grandboss every effing time a problem comes up. Because a lot are coming up. Over a week of this?

I was going to exercise after work, but now I am too drained. I have finished the chocolate wine for this season. Sadly, the so-called "dessert wine" I just opened is bizarrely harsh to drink. Oh well, it's open now. Super drunk by 6 again!!!!

Oh yeah, and someone at work was told about how supposedly everyone at giant org is eligible to be vaccinated. "More news tomorrow." We shall see.

Shanna apparently did some of the math for the Mars rover "so it wouldn't explode upon landing with all that pyrotechnic stuff." Good to know! We were watching at work.

Regarding Mom's lack of scheduled second test: I mentioned this at lunch during Yarn Club and Dawn said she saw this on television. Basically, Rite Aid fucked up and they need to schedule second appointments. I sent this on to Mom, so hopefully they actually do? We shall see. She called to say that Roger got his shot and seems fine. Mom said she feels a bit lightheaded, but she did before the shot so who knows, and otherwise is fine.

I checked on my therapist today and she's doing better, and thanked me for being there (even if it's just over text). We have decided that embedding a Morse code message in Scott's birthday present would be an amusing idea. But what to say?

Someone uploaded most of "Staged, Season 2" onto YouTube from episode 3, so I enjoyed that. Apparently other dudes (Simon Pegg/Nick Frost) are playing David and Michael in episode 3, except everybody wants to play Michael and nobody wants to play David ("I find you weasely.")

Episode 4: the Staged ladies read the terrible, terrible dialogue that Simon wrote, and make fun of it. The guys put on actual buttondown shirts and fight over Twilight vs. Harry Potter. Whoopi Goldberg rips them new assholes. This show has SO much Celebrity Paradox, I'm not sure who's supposed to be an agent (her and Ben Schwartz, I guess?) and who isn't (Pegg and Frost).

Episode 5: The guys read with different actors. Ken Jeong is surprisingly sensitive.

Episode 6: Jim Parsons is also trying to be sensitive. Josh Gad is being SUPER ANNOYING.

Episode 7: Nobody remembers Simon. "Fuck me, it's Cate Blanchett." Phoebe Waller-Bridge and David haaaate each other. Ben Schwartz thinks Georgia is David's patisserie person? "Georgia! So you've made love with him!" Oh, and David made Phoebe Pavlovian pee.

Episode 8: The guys all prep to leave the house and go to a wedding (Michael) and acting (David) and Sweden (Anna). David calls from the loo, Michael and Anna have gone nowhere after all. Later Georgia picks up David in a random parking lot or something, leaving most of the brood behind. "Yeah, I had to bring that one or else my tits would explode." OMG MICHAEL'S OUTSIDE THE CAR!!!! Anna's in the back with the kid. It's all very sweet.

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