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Sitting Still

2019-02-19, 6:35 a.m.

I had two two hour meetings booked one right after the other on the first day back. 8-10 and 10-12. Barely enough time for a bathroom break in between. I was hoping the second one would be canceled again because BigBoss once again wasn’t here, but I guess they gave up on that because there it was. I had to cancel therapy (which was okay, really, I don’t have too much dramz this week and my shrink wasn’t feeling so hot).

I really, really, really hate having to sit perfectly still like I am paying attention. I was wilting. I had 8 full hours of sleep, took a damn sleeping pill even, and I was still tired until after 11 a.m. when I finally woke up, because all the Mountain Dew wasn’t doing it. I got hungry and really wanted a snack, but I couldn’t do that because we must care what other people (who hate me) think about me and all that shit.

After all of these, I added more text to my knitting-in-public rant.

Apparently meeting #2 was the last of its kind, which involved some stuff I did not know or care about, finding out some disturbing news about the supposedly-being-improved website I use for work, and everyone else finding out what I do on a certain aspect of my job. This apparently literally horrified everyone in the room and I was all “whatever.” Maybe someday that can be fixed, someone said. I was all “never happening, that depends entirely on the overloaded, understaffed tech team that are not going to do it when worse shit is on fire.” So the people who don’t like me have a special treat to look forward to when they get to take it over! And then I spent the afternoon proofreading people’s addresses.

Even though I finally got to eat around 12:10, I was still fairly well fried for the rest of the day, and then had full CC shift on top of that. At least the CC is usually easy, I wrote book reviews.

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but the toilet has somehow mysteriously stopped its incessant flushing and running on its own as of about Valentine’s Day.

I have no idea why or whether or not I should trust this, but right now it is flushing like a normal toilet, i.e. stopping when it’s done and not perpetually whining. This seems to have coincidentally happened around the time I had to turn in my lease renewal notice. I keep expecting it to go back to being shitty every time I flush.

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