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While You Were Out, We Lost Three People

2020-02-19, 9:20 p.m.

I’m back at work. I asked Tigress, “So, what was on fire while I was out for two days?”

(a) The newest temp has ALREADY QUIT. I am actually fine with this because in all honesty, I thought, “I don’t like her” upon meeting her for the first time, which isn’t something I normally do and was trying to get over because she seemed nice enough, albeit a bit overly chatty at times. I was not looking forward to sharing office space with her though. Another coworker said, “I worked with her at another job and she was terrible, she couldn’t understand anything.”

(b) Another one of our temps has ALREADY BEEN POACHED BY BIGBOSS to be her assistant once her assistant leaves at the end of the month. Didn’t even pretend to open this one up to anyone, just “I’m taking her.”

I can’t help but notice that this current office management almost always hires from within, usually the newest staff member they can find. That sort of thing might have worked out had I been applying for jobs under this “leadership,” but I was never good enough compared to anyone else who applied back then and that’s probably still true now. And it’s not like there’s any other area of the office I want to work in/would be eligible to...except in the Shark Tank.

We have an in-house candidate (who is currently the “interim” supervisor) who had her second interview today to become head of scheduling. I was all, “of course she’ll get the job, if for nothing else but then they don’t have to hire an outsider and they won’t replace her original job.” This is not to say that my coworker isn’t capable or good at the job--I honestly don’t know since we have no overlap with scheduling, but assume she is since she seems very competent in the contexts I know her in. But hell, even if she wasn’t, she might get the job just for that reason of being employed here already.

(c) “So who’s going to work the front counter?” Tigress said to our boss. “I HAVE NO IDEA,” she said. “You and I are going to work the front counter. And phones,” I said after our boss left.

(d) Then Tigress announced her retirement in June. I thought she had two more years to go, but...nope. I can’t help but think that she’s thinking that our dead coworker never got to make it to retirement.

Happy for you, sad for me. Glad she’s getting out, REALLY NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO HAVING TO TAKE OVER ALL OF HER WORK ALONE. I never wanted to do the area she’s running and now I’ll be stuck with it.

“You won’t be alone,” she said, “Lioness is coming back, I talked to her yesterday and she said she was.” I was all, these days I don’t feel like I can trust that.

“I told them early so they could work on hiring someone,” she said. “You KNOW they won’t,” I said, “they can’t manage to hire anyone any sooner than nine months after the person leaves.” And that’s assuming they’ll even try to, which is at least 50/50 there. I know they have difficulties with HR and the new heinous system that has made the media for fucking up paychecks for months on end, but even if those weren’t issues, they somehow still have problems. I can’t even remember how long it took them to replace our third coworker who retired a few years ago.

I have no faith, trust, or hope for this office, and now we’re back to “even worse than scheduling, again” with staffing.

In other news, Lioness came by for a brief visit (she claims she’ll come back) and told us the horror stories going on between juggling two different social workers in two different counties, her son going into rehab and she’s not allowed to have ANY contact with him whatsoever because she has his kids, that the kids are upset by seeing their moms, and how the six-year-old has been traumatized somehow and sleeps extremely close to them in their bed and she can’t even find time to go to couples therapy under the circumstances (at least she’s still going to her private one). Also, one of the babymommas was getting pistol-whipped by her current abusive boyfriend. I feel like I should get a fucking Oscar for NOT reacting to that one. That one has had two other kids after the older kid, who ended up in foster care. Don’t you just love how people who are in no situation to have a lot of kids keep doing that?

Tigress asked about the possibility of reunification and Lioness said the standards are way different for a six year old (18 month deadline) versus an infant (6 months and you’d BETTER MAKE DRASTIC CHANGES) and if a miracle doesn’t happen, the baby is up for adoption. Sounds like that girl Meg was trying to help out who lost two babies to foster care because she couldn’t get her shit together.


I know I should be trying to take on Tigress’s work immediately today, but man, I didn’t have the heart to do it. Let me have some quiet before I drown so badly as well. And at least my own workload wasn’t a nightmare today. I could have had my next big project done today, except for Special Snowflake Crap that came up.

Tigress and I had the same old “why don’t you work for the state or apply for other jobs?” conversation again. I still don’t actually want to work for the state and you try being a clerical worker who can’t do finances or public service and see how many jobs are open to you. None, that’s how many.

Shoot me now.

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