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The Lost Website Year

2019-02-20, 6:37 a.m.

GQ is going to go out and buy his wife a present tonight! We’ll see how that goes tomorrow! I sadly missed most of whatever was going on in that conversation (Valentine’s redux, I assume) because I was managing other drama, but should be fun.

My assistant (or at least, he used to be more-or-less assigned to just me, now they’re putting him on phones) is applying for a new job for the fall, which sounds really cool and we all wish him luck. If the changes in the job situation have anything to do with this, can’t say I blame him.

Two of my clientele are now whining that they think they Did The Thing They Were Supposed To Do, and well....didn’t. I cannot find proof that they did the thing whatsoever and apparently they have been going around telling everyone they did it. Joy. One of them apparently didn’t read the bold text and didn’t bother to turn in his form, which means that since he’s waited for a month on not bothering with those things, he’s gonna have to jump through more hoops to get what he wants because the later you take, the more hoops you get and more permissions you have to ask from folks higher than me. The other one swears up and down he did the thing two years ago but again, no evidence, so he’s asking for a magic solution from the office that decides these things. Much to my shock, said office is actually considering this--I am pretty sure the other offices would be all “hey, not our fault you didn’t fill out the form for that, sorry, you’re just going to have to get what you wanted years late.” The joys of clerical work, yo. They are going to have to ask the Office of God for permission for that without any good explanation beyond “I thought I did,” which .... probably won’t be great for them. But...not my decision in that case, I tried to warn them, blah blah blah. Good luck with that.

I also got to overhear a conversation among the youngsters about how they feel obligated to get master’s degrees in order to be competitive in the job market, and I pointed out that the whopping amounts of debt people are racking up by doing that (which they can’t pay off with the shit jobs they are ending up getting, if they can get a job at all) isn’t great either so you need to think long and hard about your career goals and see if a master’s is required for such before you rack that up. I have done enough research to know that if I got a master’s it would ruin my career because no job is gonna hire me with “oh god, you have to pay off a master’s on this puny salary?”

I have been dealing with a completely insane work situation for over a year now. It boils down to:
(a) Everyone depends on Website in order to do a lot of work.
(b) Website has been shut down entirely for over a year now, is supposed to be upgraded as of May this year.
(c) There is some reasonable doubt, at best, that that will happen. Could be years, given how shite this website organization has been doing. We have heard that New Website should be about the same as Old Website except worse management, so joy there.
(d) We have been forced to essentially work in the dark with incomplete information due to lack of Website for the last year’s load of work. Which means that a lot of incorrect shit has been put into the system for reasons that are not our fault.

Someone who deals with Website very kindly gave me access to Secret Website where I can look up the answers to all the missing stuff recently, so I am trying to put all of the missing info into the system before we start next year’s load and hopefully we only have one buggered-up year of this to deal with. It sounds like those who work with Website just aren’t going to do much about this Lost Year, unfortunately. But it does mean that I am going to have to redo all of the records for Lost Year (thousands) by hand to fix it all once I get the updates put in.

After explaining that last bit to my boss today, she just kept gaping with her mouth open and saying “sheize” over and over again. I was all yup, that’s what I’ve been saying for the last year and a half about this! I am so jaded.

Tonight was the last night of this improv class series. We had fun, mostly just doing repeated series things. The teacher liked it when I came out with the line, “If you guys can go without a bar fight for a week, I will buy you all lipstick.” Also did a scene in which I had a kid with broken arms that we kept trying to get ice cream for to distract him while we were waiting for terrible medical assistance. It was fun.

I did ask JR about future classes (and Lucas the instructor) and they want to do more classes again in April but take off the month of March. Works for me!

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