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One Billion Dollars In Debt

2020-02-20, 9:21 p.m.

Today the SuperBigBoss came to our staff meeting and announced that the giant org is a billion dollars in debt and thus everyone is going to have to make budget cuts, and since most of our money goes to staff, there is only so much cutting we can do of water and paper delivery... so there will probably be layoffs, people not getting replaced when they leave, etc. “I thought I’d never have to do layoffs here,” BigBoss said.

Oh, btw, Tigress is retiring!

Also, seriously, we are understaffed as is and every unit (except the Shark Tank, apparently, because THEY are privileged) has either the absolute bare minimum (everyone else) or are way short (us). This is just not doable if they actually think all of this workload is going to get done, which I don’t think they will.

I brought this up with my supervisor because it’s pretty obvious I will have to take on ALL of Tigress’s stuff alone, and she was all, “no, I got it in that we’re hiring two more staff members, we are going to hire one before Tigress leaves so she can train everyone, we are NOT doing that.”

I really don’t want to have to do ALL of her stuff. I was asked how I felt and I said terrified and depressed but I have no choice here. Nobody could say anything to that one, could they?

Also, we’re getting one more temp next week and we now need another temp...and they are out of temps to send us, I guess? OH GOOD LORD WE’VE USED THEM ALL UP?

Tonight I watched the second episode of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. I didn’t cry this time, so yay for me, but it was affecting, nevertheless. You could definitely see that something was going wrong in Peter Gallagher’s face, disease-wise, in this one in a way you didn’t see in the first episode when he’s just sitting there looking “normal.” It was strained and twisted.

The plot with the dad is that some drug has given him some slight ability to move and have facial expressions, so he can now hit a buzzer to indicate yes or no. That’s better, right? “We’ll take the win!” Zoey says. Anyway, Zoey hears her dad singing “Moondance” (a song she’s never heard of before because she lives in a non-musical cave) and they show Peter Gallagher kind of dancing around the kitchen lovingly towards her mom, who is walking around obliviously like she’s in The Sixth Sense. It’s almost a duet, but not. It’s very touching. So Zoey tries to figure out what her dad’s getting at, more or less figures out it’s saying that he loves her, and by the end, Mom responds. D’awwwww.

As for the friend of hers that has a crush on her, I just want to say that other than that guy’s song and dance numbers (I have to say, he did “Sucker” well), you would have NO effing idea the guy has a crush on her. He straight up does not act like it. I can say from my experiences in recent months that well... if someone does, in some ways you can tell. Even if it’s not all the time, there are moments of warmth and I don’t see them in him. Maybe it’s just the actor, I don’t know (I’m not that into Skylar Astin, but he does sing well). But I don’t blame Zoey for wanting to back out on a one on one dinner and then fixing him up with the cute barista....who he is hanging out with at the end of the episode. So good job there.

I admit it was sweet that he brought her dad butterscotch pudding if it was one of the few things he could eat (even if I gag at butterscotch anything).

I would also like to say that when Mo suggested that they go to a karaoke bar and see if the person singing Song A is really singing Song B in their head--I would love if they actually do this on the show. I would be so curious myself. (Though as a karaoke singer...this would be hard to juggle in one’s head.)

On a related note, somebody wrote an article about Eli Stone, a show that reminds me of this one and vice versa.

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