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2007-02-21, 4:23 p.m.

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So, in Wicca class last night we did another ritual. Since now there's a waxing moon instead of waning, we did a ritual to deal with change.

In this one, we were to summon a god and goddess deity. The teacher selected Dylan, a fellow who embraced change, and Arianrod, a woman who kept having very unpleasant change forced upon her and had to deal with it gracefully. There's some information here, but the way the teacher put it was along the lines of, "She had to remain a virgin in order to get the high priestess job, and her brother somehow managed to magically impregnate her, so when she went in for her virgin test she dropped two babies out instead." (One of whom being Dylan, who went off to sea.) And there were a bunch of other things that happened to her involving her being tricked.

At which point I'm giving her the weird look, and she asks why. I'm all, " we really want to summon someone who keeps getting tricked all the time? That doesn't sound good." She said it was more because she kept having to deal with change being thrust upon her, rather than choosing it. Well, okay then. And in a way, it worked. Bring on someone who likes the change, and bring on someone who isn't so much into it.

Mainly in this one we drew some tarot cards that would indicate what could go on in the future. I drew the 3 of Wands. In the deck I drew from, it looks like Christopher Columbus is standing on a rock looking down at the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. So, seemed to indicate a journey of some sort. (It also had a picture of what I think was supposed to be a falcon on his back, but I thought looked more like a flying German shepherd.) I suppose that's quite positive, especially when I drew another card and it was the Eight of Wands. Both positive. Much more positive about that sort of thing than I am feeling of late, but it beats the girl who drew the Ten of Cups, followed by the Three of Swords. (Her response was to throw down the latter card and say, "Fuck you too!")

It was a very interesting experience, especially when we compared cards.

Course, when I got out of class I had to call Mom and then she was all, "You were putting spells on people, weren't you?"
"Um, no, Mother. I don't put spells on people. And let me reiterate that I AM NOT WORSHIPPING SATAN. I have no interest in Satan. Cool it already."

It's kind of funny that post-Dad's death, we're both getting into religion. Of course, I had to pick the weirdo route, while she goes the most conventional way she can. I have to say, her new born-again Christian, going to church multiple times a week thing ("I'm going to church tonight, it's Ash Wednesday!") scares the crap out of me. She's always been surprisingly tolerant of my weirdness in this particular area, but I fear all the Bible-reading and preaching and Christian counseling will make her real intolerant of me very soon. Oy.

I was hoping she'd do new and different things with her life, but I was hoping more along the lines of her finding a shrink she liked and going to the gym more. Becoming a born-again Christian and rebuilding half the house was definitely not what I was rooting for.

As for me doing new and different stuff... I haven't figured out quite what to do yet. I'd kind of like to do something more drastic this year to really shake things up, but I haven't the faintest idea what I'd do. Or what I'm willing to do that doesn't make me piss my pants in fear, I suppose. The cards I got are comforting, but I am still in the dark.

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