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Chocolate Minion Eggs

2016-02-21, 7:29 p.m.

I did more getting rid of things over the weekend than actual cleaning--mostly delivered a bunch of stuff to the Craft Center (where three people mobbed it immediately and one guy was so grateful for my barely used stash of paste wax), a huge amount of stuff to the SPCA, and I actually managed to sell almost 2 out of 3 bags of fancy clothes and costumes to a consignment store that I could actually get cash at. They thought they could sell it all for $500...would have given me $130 in store credit, but since I really shouldn't be buying more clothes, I took the $65 in cash and put it in savings. So, go me.

(No news on the move so far, btw. Have not heard from management. Not sure if that is good or bad.)

I also hung out with Jackie on Saturday, doing shopping errands and going out for pizza and ice cream. I think she ended up in a better mood after that, which is good. I discovered that she is apparently completely addicted to buying up chocolate minion eggs for a dollar at Target--apparently they're going to be gone soon and they have prizes in them. She bought out the supplies in two towns and I said I'd go check them in my town. It was actually rather adorable because she said it was like a little slice of heaven opening them up and getting the prizes. (And she doesn't even eat the chocolate--I got that.) So she ended up with 20 eggs...and then when I got home ah, they had 40 eggs.

In all honesty, I would have been mostly behaved on the shopping except for that...but she'll reimburse me when I see her next. We're compiling statistics as to how many eggs one has to buy to collect all 18 toys in the collection (so far, 20 doesn't do it), and I'll probably get leftovers after we go through the last 40. Probably next month, we're talking about a meetup early Easter weekend before the family stuff kicks in.

I bought vacuum bags for stashing clothes in the house and a few random things like a very cheap tie-dye bunny rabbit and some butter
fly beads. Probably shouldn't have done that, but at least they were small.

Okay, here's an embarrassing story for you: my mom sometimes makes me watch Joel Osteen on Sunday mornings. Okay, so this is usually more enforceable if she's in my vicinity, but we were texting Sunday morning and okay, fine.

The day's speech was on asking God for big things, instead of stuff like "please help me survive this crap situation I can't get out of." He was referring to something or other in the Bible where people were praying to be better slaves, and he was not down with this idea. Go ahead, ask God for big things, ask for fame, ask for work that you're good at doing. See what happens, I guess.

So okay, fine, we'll see how that goes.

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