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The Ladies At Work

2019-02-21, 6:40 a.m.

My class went great tonight, two of them finished a board and the other two are going full steam ahead on their projects. I finished gluing my “four seasons” random pieces mosaic, made a wee little tiny mosaic with a small wooden chunk I found and put a fancy fused piece someone threw out onto it, and then started a fabric collage mosaic and started layering various shiny iridescent pieces on top of it.

This will make more sense on the craft blog later, whenever I get around to updating that.

Today’s GQ update: he came home to find his wife complaining about her phone acting up, so he immediately said “why don’t we get new phones?” So they have ordered whatever new shiny phone is coming out on March 8. Score! He also bought his two oldest kids some toys and explained to them that he tells then he loves them all the time because his parents don’t do that and that’s why we don’t hear from that grandma much.

I tell you this sweet stuff because I was a bit askance at another part of the day’s conversation. He reported to us all that he said to his wife that “the ladies at work were taking the credit away from me for my great dadness." (Whatever that means? I seriously wasn’t involved in whatever the heck this conversation was yesterday.)
His wife reportedly said, "I like the ladies at your work." He said, "that makes one of us."

Uh-HUH. I did not know what to say to this and then said nothing.

That said, GQ also did some proofreading for me in between juggling dramas, which was very nice of him. I am about ready to do my next work order, probably tomorrow, so that shall be good.

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