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Cinderella Masquerade

2021-02-21, 10:20 p.m.

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Same as every other Sunday these days, I guess: Collage Club or whatever we're calling it for most of the morning/'afternoon, finished off by getting my steps in on the patio. Nice weather today. I finished making a Bernie Sanders doll. I did the dishes. Super exciting around here.

In extremely minor news, Doreen somehow missed the fact that we not only live in the same town, I'm about a five minute drive away from her. Heh heh heh. "I thought you were in Santa Cruz!" Nope! Also, Jade told me she had two dreams about hanging out with me and Scott--one time while on swan paddle boats and I kept turning around to talk to her and he kept yelling "Oy!" at me to paddle, and another one where we were all at some awards show and he was trying to tell her a joke while doing an English accent and I was supposedly being all embarrassed and facedown at the table because he didn't know she was English. I was all, well, he does do accents, which I don't think I'd mentioned....

Everyone else seems to be doing well on the whole vision board concept--Jade in particular is manifesting music students and now she wants to move on to a dog--and I, as usual, am getting nowhere. Not that that's a surprise, mind you. I tend to believe with regards to manifesting that both YOU have to want the thing AND the thing, or person, or whatever, also has to be looking for you right back. (I'm more bummed that I haven't managed to manifest another play. That should have been easier since "freaked out feelings" and "pandemic" are not as involved.) Which clearly isn't the case here, sigh.

I have figured out what Morse Code I want to put on the robots to give to Scott. One being "Happy birthday, it's a secret message," one bad heart pun, some song lyrics from karaoke, some sentiment. We shall see if he notices anything, or not, or whatever. It'll amuse me, anyway.

I finished reading The Midnight Bargain today and it was really, really good.

Tonight's Hallmark: Very, Very Valentine. Danica McKellar as a florist. Helen has designed the Mystery Rose. Her bestie has entered it in a contest, which is the "Super Bowl" of flower propagation, or whatever. Helen's bestie Henry somehow gets her a ticket to the "Black and White Ball" and she gets an amazing dress and is ready to go in hours. That's the dream, y'all. Oh, it's also a masquerade ball, but they forgot to get her a mask. She runs up to a strange guy, mistaking him for Henry.

Notes from self: I've always wanted to go to a masquerade ball, but if I ever get to go, I want to be so well disguised that nobody can tell it's me, because otherwise what's the point of a masquerade if people recognize you like it's every day? "I feel like I should be playing accordion at my uncle's wedding," Henry says of himself in a tux. Helen keeps running into that OTHER masked man, looking similar to Henry. Mystery man has her mystery rose, somehow(?). They agree to no names, which is ridiculous to me, but they seem to like it. Otherwise known as

Note to self: if I ever get to go to a masquerade ball and meet some strange hot guy: I will get his full name, address, phone number and email, identifying tattoos and/or birthmarks. I feel like I just did the Evil Overlord List for romance movies.

I'll be calling this guy "Cinderfella," because some bouncer-type walks up to him at nine and tells him, "Time to go!" And he leaves his rose behind. The fuck? So they try to track him down by who paid for that flower (Charles Bradfield, they presume?), and going to Henry (who works at the botanical gardens) for assistance. I will note that after about 45 minutes,.... the dude was tracked down? I was not expecting that. He also tried to look for her, but I guess that didn't go well on his end.

Um, wait a minute, neither of them actually asked the other out a second time? Helen calls to ask and Charles is going for it, with Henry telling him what to suggest on a date. Good job playing cupid, Henry. Less great, Henry: literally SHOWING UP FOR THEIR DATE. That's....weird, dude. Ditto buying her stuff and then giving it to Henry. This has gone from Cinderfella to Cyrano.

Everyone gets offended that Helen was willing to learn poker for Charles, but not for any of them (Henry, her aunt, whoever else at the table). Also, she starts eating carrot cake, which she hates. For his part, Charles is all "Oh, I was just in a bookstore buying you this first edition" that Henry got. Meanwhile, it's becoming clearer that Helen's employee has more in common with Charles than Helen does. Hmmmm.

"Wait, you're going to replace the botanical gardens with condos?!" Yup, it's turned into THAT kind of Hallmark movie. Also, Henry's moving for a new job in Arizona. It's a sign--someone sent her the painting she bid on and lost in the auction! Of course it wasn't Charles....and their relationship hits a snag over those condos that Charles is working on. Eh, it's okay, they're not really feeling it anyway. Helen calls Henry to come back. He does. He also proposes marriage even though they have literally never been a couple or kissed before.... which is an interesting life choice there with you two.

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