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2006-02-22, 2:59 p.m.

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Haven't written in awhile. I keep intending to, but it doesn't happen.

Valentine's Day, for once, did not suck. I must give major props to the chicks in my office who decided to declare it "Grade School Valentine Day," and have everyone give out kid-type Valentines to the entire office. Because man, that just made my day. Instead of the usual "who got the most conspicious flowers" and "you single folks are losers" sort of thing, people were running around depositing little cards and candy into goodie bags. And everybody got stuff! This was quite fun.

People also seemed amused that I ran around handing out Nerds valentines. Hey, it was ME they were coming from, after all.

The big foodfest didn't hurt either. I got stuffed for the first time in days. And then I had volunteering shift. While we only had 3 out of 5 people there (one had rehearsal and one was out of the country), it was good. We had cake. Yeehaw.

I've been doing the Knitting Olympics and am about done on my sweater for it. Which is totally awesome.

The novel, on the other hand, is way behind. *sigh*

Jess is coming to visit the second weekend in March. Yeehaw! She even wants to go to the writers' group lunch.

As for my writers' group, it's been going really well, but getting to it is becoming more and more of a pain in the arse. I'm switching who I get a ride with next month (kid-related issues came up, not to mention time crunching + Sac traffic), but that means I'm going to have to leave work over an hour and a half early twice a month in order to make it over there. I probably have enough vacation time to do this twice a month, but it's still sort of irritating in a way to realize how MUCH time I'm going to have to take off for it- over 3 hours every month- just to get over there in time. I don't know why I'm whining about that considering they give me 10 hours per month, I have a lot booked up, and I probably only use something like 9-10 vacation days a year, but then again, I am also paranoid about having time reserved In Case Of Emergency.

I was thinking that due to the commute-to-Natomas PITA situation, I was going to mostly drop out of the group (except for monthly lunches) in March. I think I'll give it another month and a couple of meetings where I've left work really early and see if this is going to be feasible in the short or long term first.

I took a podcasting workshop at the beginning of the month, which was pretty fascinating. It was not NEARLY as hard as I thought it would be to do one. Download a free program or two, buy a $20 mike, pay up $5 at libsyn, register at iTunes, et voila! Show!

Course, this would require me being alone and in a quiet spot to record something, rather than being distracted when Ian comes in and wandering off to yak about crafts. (And speaking of, it is just so cool to live with someone with whom I actually share some of the same or similar hobbies. I like almost all of my former roommates, but when it came to activities, there was only some overlap there.) Or for that matter, that I actually BE HOME to do one.

I don't know WHY I am considering doing this. I hate my voice, hate listening TO my voice, and when am I gonna have time to do this again? But... I think about it. Probably because I threw over listening to AAR all day in order to listen to...well, I'm subscribed to 72 podcasts, but I don't get through most of that. And dammit, I think it's cool to have your own radio show. It's Pump Up The Volume minus the FCC busting your ass. (Maybe someone should remake that movie now, come to think of it? Hard Harry with a blog and a podcast, stirring up shit. Well, they sorta did that as a plot on Veronica Mars...)

And what kind of show would I do anyway? A craft show? I like listening to them, but there's a fair chunk of good ones out there already, and I don't want to attempt tutorials or interview people. I think all I'd do is yack about what I'm working on, but I already have a freaking craft blog for that. I don't necessarily feel like doing something that's already being done better than I'd be able to pull off right now.

I also really like the podcasts that are dedicated to analyzing TV shows, but most shows I watch already have at least one. (Lost has like, 12 or something. Dayum.) I kind of wanted to do a Veronica Mars podcast, because I think that show REALLY needs one and as far as I can tell, nobody's got off the pot and done it yet. But I rethought that one a few days later when I discovered that UPN had crapped out reception-wise when I was taping and I got to view very little of the Magic Mountain episode. If I don't have reliable ways to get the show, maybe that isn't a good idea. Or maybe I could just do one for Arrested Development, though I don't have much of season 3 on tape right now. But I'd rather analyze a "live" show anyway. I enjoy listening to say, the Babylon 5 podcast or the occasional Buffcast, but there's a distinct difference between post-show analysis and in-the-moment analysis with speculation.

Really, I just want to do something that's new so I can be the first at it, if not the BEST at it. I just don't know what's new, exactly.

Really, I just haven't updated because things have been...well, as good as they're going to get for me at this point in time. I'm surprised things have stayed as quiet as they have been for so long. Nothing disastrous has happened since (checks sidebar) January 9! A FREAKING MONTH AND A HALF AND NOTHING BAD HAS HAPPENED. I am in shock. That's probably the longest disasterless period of time that I've had since...before the flood, at least.

Makes me nervous that something's GOING to happen, of course...but let's ride this pony for as long as I can, eh?

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