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A Good Day At Work

2016-02-22, 7:40 p.m.

It was a good day today at work.

I taught a "lunch and learn" with crochet today--just chaining and single crochet mostly--and that was fun. Busy but fun. I think most people had a good time, though a few were a little stressed. But hey, no stress, don't freak, relax, it's okay if you don't get it today, folks. I look forward to the next one in two weeks. My coworker that attended this one seemed to leave happy--and she's pretty happy with the website I was working on too. Huzzah to that.

I also had a one on one with my boss that was was pretty damn positive. She said people had been pretty impressed with me in the job interview but yeah, my shitty customer service was of course the factor. Shocking, not. Anyway, she said that since we're losing staff this year (one person is pregnant and another is retiring and coming down with whopping vertigo so she may be retiring even earlier), they are talking about reconfiguring things and hopefully certain people can be moved into different areas that they would be more suited to and work with their talents, if you know what I mean. (So that prayer thing is working?) I also got a very nice e-mail from the fellow on the project raving about my interview, saying "don't give up hope yet" and offering to get me some programming lessons. Sign me up!

I also got some free yarn for the project I'm working on at knitting group--she had exactly one ball in the colors I needed and a spare besides, which is working out lovely since I was short one.

Pretty good day for me!

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