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The Return of Jury Duty Storytelling

2019-03-08, 6:41 a.m.

Storytelling day! Well, night, really.

Dawn told me she couldn’t make it at first, then wanted to meet up briefly during her lunch, during which she informed me that eh...I dunno, I haven’t talked to my husband...and we’re going to lunch in Placer County the next day and I need to make the cole slaw....

This was all kind of odd and I couldn’t help but think, “Um, you can just say you don’t wanna go, I’m not gonna comment on that....” Especially since Loretta (who did go with me) asked what Dawn was doing instead and when I said, was all, “It takes like two minutes to make cole slaw.”

Dawn, should you ever read this, I apologize in advance. But it was an odd moment.

Anyway, Loretta and I had fun going. Notable moments:
(a) One guy did a song about wanting to write a song that saves the world, I thought that was adorable.
(b) The traffic getting over there was horrible-- it took me over a half hour just to get out of my town alone and I left an hour early, and then we got blocked by a train, blah blah blah, so I made it in with about five minutes to spare and had to sit in the back.
(c) The folks behind us, even more in the back, could not hear much of the show and definitely made some comments about that. Sometimes I was entertained and sometimes I was annoyed.
(d) One lady did her rehearsal for a “Liar’s Contest” in Texas she was about to do and involved a farm, wild turkeys attacking (Loretta then dreamed about wild turkeys), a bunny rabbit, etc. But I have to concur with the ladies in the back that it was somewhat hard to hear.
(e) When I went, I made damn sure I called out to the folks in the back to make sure they heard stuff.
(f) My favorite story of the night was the story by a lady who had to get glasses for the first time and she was very, very concerned with accidentally breaking them, and her concerns were basically being blown off by the saleslady. Then she immediately gets into a car accident, ends up sitting on her glasses and breaking them, and when she came was like foreshadowing, wasn’t it, the saleslady said?

I did my entire ten minute story of going to jury duty three times, which I really enjoyed doing. I didn’t do a huge amount of prep beforehand-- I seem to be down with winging it in performances--but mostly I just restudied my written version of the story so I remembered all of the juicy details, like the quotes about the forgery (“comparing apples to a Volkswagen” and “except for the beginning, middle, and end, they’re all the same!”). I had a very good time. Sadly my phone decided it was full so I did not get the entire thing filmed.

I attempted to talk to Mary about going to her class in a few weeks--she wants me to teach the workshop from Auburn there. Okay, fine. She wants me to go to her house and get a ride over rather than getting a parking pass at Sac State--okay, fine, I get lost on that campus anyway. And it sounded like she just wanted me to take the entire dang day off work, so I said I’d just go to work in the morning and then not go back like I was planning. Fine. We discussed having someone else tell a story as the basis for the workshop, and then she flitted off to talk to someone else...Let’s hope I hear back from her again before this, but we shall see. I’m good at winging it, after all.

Also while I was talking to Loretta, I told her that I was planning on going to Stitches West tomorrow and she said that someone was supposed to get back to her about going to it and then didn’t. I immediately invited her along!

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