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2021-02-22, 10:22 p.m.

I have nothing to say about the rest of the day, really. I showed Bernie to Penguin Girl and she loves it, will pick it up off my patio when she goes into work later in the week. I got annoyed all morning at my clientele. Boss made it to Hawaii, we presume. I didn't get into any other trouble and went outside for awhile.

I'm trying to avoid saying the b-word so as to not set off fires, but....yeah, life is unexciting.

Tonight's Viewing:

I have signed up for various online conference things where they put up audio/video for 24 hours apiece and then hit you up to spend a thousand dollars for all the recordings (good god), so my viewing may be pretty dull for the next ten days. The EFT/tapping seminar started first and I swear that's like nearly 4 hours of stuff a day. (Note: it's kind of a physical meditation sort of thing. One of those "I should do this more often but I'm an Obliger and don't do anything without someone else having a reason, like "these expire in 24 hours."

However, I did start in on Hallmark's "Mix Up in the Mediterranean,", which, for those of you on Hallmark Gay Couple Watch, features a gay couple! And Jeremy Jordan playing twins.

Meg is running the "Olympics" of culinary contests in Malta--just the event planning, not the judging. Julian the chef is smooth and confident about it. He has a twin brother (Josh) who's a regular ol' cook. Julian is the snobby one, Josh is the blue collar one who stayed home. "Why do you pretend you're French? You grew up in ALASKA." Julian invites him to Malta. (Henry is Julian's husband.)

Josh and Meg meet. They have the same suitcase, where he keeps a lucky hat and she keeps her "emergency stash of chocolate" in case she can't find good chocolate. In Malta. I know literally nothing about Malta, but I'm going to guess from the snooty decor that this should not be a problem. Julian snarks on Josh's unshavedness. They hug....awkwardly. I'm guessing Josh and Henry get along better than Josh and Julian because their hug is better. They snark about how Josh looks like Julian if you'd dropped Julian in the wildnerness for weeks. Josh shows up better dressed and the gay men still disapprove. "I can't believe I'm still dressing my brother---" and then Julian throws out his back monkeying with the suitcase.

Josh is all "I'll go down and sign for you, it'll be 5 minutes," signs as "J. Northrup," and then has a bracelet forcibly attached to his wrist until the end of the competition. UH-OH. Julian's restaurant is about to go under, so Josh offers to be in it for him. I will note the plot element of Julian having been to French culinary school and Josh doesn't know French beyond throwing around "oui."

A former winner of the contest (Chester) is hanging about, walks into the suite, and spots twins. He's all excited and wants in, and loans them his now-defunct restaurant to practice in. I should mention that the head judge lady hates Chester's guts for some reason and threw him out.

Wait, seriously, THIS GIRL IS OUT OF CHOCOLATE?! And literally everything is closed? Josh/Julian is all "your father owns a hotel, I'm pretty sure you can get some food THERE." Meg had a boyfriend who lost his job and then just stayed at home playing video games and lied about it. She gave him the "two month test," which means "am I over being mad after 2 months," and she was still mad. I'm sure we'll check in on this two months after the contest is over?

Josh's Concerned Face about "knowing how rare truffles are" cracked me up. They get Chester's assistance. Etienne runs into "Josh"/Julian in his "Josh costume" and Julian trying to bro it up a bit is a hoot, while Etienne snobs it up. Meanwhile, Henry is the intermediary between the brothers. I swear, Henry and Josh get on better.

Josh has a very intimate moment involving dough with Meg. That's not faking homosexuality very well there, buddy. Next morning she comes up to visit "Julian" and gets Actual Julian, who snobs it up at her again. Down at the competition, someone's turned off the power to their kitchen UH-OH there went the minifridge. Meg helps "Julian" get more food and he comes up with the "Black Diamond Truffle Bacon Cheeseburger." I'm not even into burgers, but I am kinda intrigued.

I agree with this review, it was incredibly dumb for the brothers to spell out literally everything and who they are while someone can walk up and hear it. Ugh, I'm so tired of idiot balling. Etienne tries to tattle to Meg about "Julian" and she is all "I know I can't prove that you sabotaged the power station, but you of all people should not be playing the integrity card about it!" and stomps off. Good job, all!

Meg's dad doesn't get why she wants to build her own empire. "Enjoy Germany, enjoy your castle," she says, walking off. He also blabs that "J. Northrup" the restaurant is going under. But while Josh/"Julian" is downstairs talking to Etienne, the cranky judge is busting Actual Julian upstairs for his lack of wristband. The twins are thrown out, Meg is mad, and the judge is all "I would fire you but we have less than 24 hours."

I give Jeremy Jordan credit for me being able to ID which twin is which when they are both dressed alike. Jeremy had to get out of Alaska--he doesn't spell out "because I'm gay" but it's implied. Well, good point. Meg is all "Ain't No Rule" because you signed the contract as "J. Northrup" and nobody noticed, but otherwise is all "there ain't no us." So Josh is reinstated (the fuck) and Henry "fakes sick" so Julian can be his sous chef. They make "peach Melba baked Alaska," LOL. Of course the twins win. Josh wants his "two months." Okay, fine, she'll think about it.

Later: it's "J and J Northrup" now at the restaurant, I guess. She shows up.

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