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Stitches West and Steven Be Redux

2020-02-23, 9:52 p.m.

I went to Stitches West alone this year (though I did briefly run into Cameron going in the opposite direction). It was fun. I bought several cute pins and got more cute pins for free, I got an awesome large purple flower shawl pin, an awesome gauge tool that blows up your stitches, a rainbow bag I got for $5, and more rainbow tiny yarn and two sampler packs of tiny yarn. Not sure what I will do with any of that, but what the heck.

I also found a bag designer that had custom made Hamilton with sheep fabric. Hamilton lines, Alexander Sheepleton (also the line, “My name is Alexander Sheepleton”) all over it. I of course bought one and sent a picture to Scott. They also had a custom pin of Alexander Sheepleton about to shoot, which I also sent him and we both thought was pretty “the hell?”

I also went to Steven Be’s “Be Legendary” class again, which was pretty much like last year’s except with different items. He did mention, however, that he used to be a finance guy in NYC and got sick of it and then his mother told him he should run a yarn shop. Now of course he is living the fabulous life, dying his AirB&B with his blue hair, and going to foreign climes for yarn.

If only I wasn’t a complete fucking idiot at math and finances, eh? Sounds like the life.

I have been getting a slight sore throat the last few days, which wouldn’t have been much of a big deal except for when I got home after Stitches finally intending to rest up, it really kicked in. Mom (she who insisted I have perfect attendance in high school, mind you) thought I should stay home tomorrow and I agreed, given how Friday went.

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