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Too Young Boys

2006-02-24, 10:44 p.m.

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I went to a local improv show tonight. It was a real hoot. I only wish I was a student (still...sigh) so I could get into something like that myself. God knows signing up for improv classes had everyone bail out for low enrollment.

But this troupe was a real hoot. They did a few skits that I must summarize as "Brokeback Baseball Fans" that were great. One dude kisses the other when the Jumbotron camera is on them, and then the other one says, "Do you think anyone saw anything?" In Round 2, they gingerly tongue-kiss, then finish off with, "How about a BJ, then?" There was also one guy that ended up unfortunate position... during one of those improv games where you have to stay in the role until someone tags you out. What a trooper. Oh, the gags that come from that. They were all just warped and hilarious and I laughed till my face hurt. Didn't hurt that there were cute boys both in the cast and in the audience...then again, they're all like, 20.

Course, then after that I had to call Mom and it harshed my buzz. When it comes to her psuedo-boyfriend, the bloom is starting to come off of the rose. Listening to her, it sounds like all of my exes rolled into one.

"He's ALWAYS working. Every time he gets called in to work, he ditches everything and everybody and goes."

"He somehow never has any money."

"He signed up for this class, and then decided to take a vacation in the middle of it. He'll be missing HALF of the class to go on vacation! That's shooting himself in the foot!"

"He's not calling me back or text messaging me any more."

"He keeps saying he's going to do stuff and never does it."

It makes me so mad that she's 55 years old and STILL gets treated like that by guys. Bad enough I get treated like that whenever I date anyone under 30, but I used to have hopes they'd grow out of it with age. Now, um, NO. This kills my hope. Not to mention, makes me think that nobody is worth "taking a chance on" if all I ever get is this kind of treatment after awhile. People tell me "good guys are still out there", but I sure as fuck do not believe it any more.

I told Mom maybe she was right to settle for Dad. She agreed.

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