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Bookstore Embarrassment

2004-02-25, 6:46 p.m.

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So I had this coupon for 10% off of a Borders purchase. When I got it at the beginning of the month, I was all "Great! I'll come back in a few days!" But no, it was only good the 19th-25th or so. I stuck it in my wallet, figuring I'd forget about it the way I usually do coupons.

Last night I was rifling through my wallet for a stamp and found a bunch of receipts, including the one the coupon was printed on. Oops, it's the 24th now. Oh well, perhaps I can go tomorrow? Since well, I'm a bookwhore anyway and lord knows I'll end up buying something at some point, I might as well get whatever it is for a discount.

So I went there after work during the dry period of the day and I picked up some chick lit books. The chickiest of the chick lit (i.e. both involve wedding references, but I enjoy books where weddings are dogged on), I'm afraid. Much to my uh, delight and joy, the only people at the registers were guys. Which practically never happens at this Borders.

I mean, really, who wants to bring chick books up to a guy for sale? Especially when he took his own fucking sweet time EXAMINING EACH BOOK in SLOW MOTION and GREAT DETAIL and flipping them over 2-3 times each like suddenly he couldn't figure out how a scanner worked or something. You know they're thinking, "Oh God, why do they read this crap? Girls are stoopid!"

Then a thought occurred to me: maybe he's checking me out by checking my reading material! And I promptly freaked out, especially when I had to show ID and he actually called me by my first name. Who the hell does that? Isn't the rule to say "Ms. Mylastname"? I fled ASAP.

Okay, so he probably wasn't really checking ME out, just mentally scorning my bubblegum literachoor, but the idea practically gave me hives.

Yeah, I don't think I want to do dating again. Reading stuff like this doesn't exactly inspire me to hop on the bandwagon of "Everybody's doing it!" online dating either.

On the other hand, have been working hard on my career. Heh. I finally signed up for a ton of free computer classes through work, which take up most of the day. Two in Excel, two in Access, one in HTML 4.0 and another in Photoshop web design. Combining that with brown bag lunches and other half-day/all-day career seminars I signed up for, I actually have interesting things to do at work coming up. Which is good because the interesting part of my year is dying away and soon I'll have to go back to doing the really boring stuff till next fall *sigh*. You can tell that those of us at the end of it are just totally fading in interest.

I have my appointment with the career counselor on Friday, and I've decided to ask her about building up a dual career. One career to actually pay my bills by doing dull clerical jobs, and how I can make myself a more hireable clerical worker for whenever I get laid off next (though hopefully not for a while now!). And one career being me being artsy-fartsy on the side. Since the counselor (who I saw doing a presentation on resumes a few weeks back) said she did craft sales on the side, I figure she might know something about this. I'm fairly excited, though I also really need to go read my career books and whatnot before I go to this thing too.

Which I probably should be doing now instead of this, huh?

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