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I Might Be Getting The Vaccine

2021-02-26, 10:32 p.m.

Up early again. WandaVision Episode 8, "Previously On"

Salem, 1693: so THAT's how "previously on" we're going with this? "I didn't break your rules. I simply bent them to my power" is her defense on the stake when her coven is mad at her. They attack her with magic, but somehow she converts their blue magic to purple and turns the tables, offing them all. Agatha doesn't seem to be entirely sure how she did that? She takes her mother's jewelry and flies off.

Back in sitcomland with Senor Scratchy. "My thoughts are not available to you, toots. They never were."
"That accent really comes and goes, doesn't it?"
"Your magic's no good here." Necromancy wasn't an option since her real brother was on another continent and filled with holes.... Anyway, she came across the magic and sounded intrigued. "Magic on autopilot! What's your secret, sister?" Wanda doesn't really know.
Wait, did she just throw that bird to the rabbit
Let's go on a little mind palace trip back to Sokovia! And dad's bootleg DVD's of sitcoms. "Dick Van Dyke again? Always sitcom, sitcom, sitcom." Cut to their parents' deaths. Did Wanda disable that Stark bomb? She thinks it was defective. "So I see a baby witch obsessed with sitcoms and years of therapy ahead of her. Doesn't explain her recent hijinks. Where'd you get the big guns, Wanda?" That Infinity Stone. "The broken pieces of you are adding up, Buttercup."

We see her with Vison at the Avengers complex, watching television while she mourns her brother. It's very cute. Cut to Wanda at SWORD HQ asking for Vision's body. Hayward takes her to see them...disassembling him. NO DISASSEMBLE!!!!! "We're dismantling the most sentient weapon ever made," he says, saying it's their ethical obligation. "Not everyone ahs the kind of power that could bring their soulmate back on line. Back to life," Hayward says. OH MY. He won't let her bury that level of vibranium. "He isn't yours." This seems a little instigate-y, don't you think? Sure 'nuff, she does a little instigation. Hayward calls off the cops to let her see the body when she goes down there. She can't feel him, she says, and walks out to the parking lot. She drives to Westview. Her car looks a lot like Vision, I'd like to point out. Same shade. I guess Vision bought her property there "to grow old in." Aw. And that's where she snaps and starts magicking everything. Yes, she seems to have made a new Vision from scratch right there rather than filching the body. Hmmmm. It's the Dick Van Dyke black and white version.

And now we see the studio audience and Agatha applauding the show. Wanda hears the kids screaming and runs out of the house to find Agatha choking them in the street with magic. "You have no idea how dangerous you are." "Here you are using it to make breakfast for dinner." Yeah, good point. "This is chaos magick, Wanda. That makes you the Scarlet Witch." Show's over...but there's 8 minutes of credits to go? I call shenanigans. Sure 'nuff. Outside the barrier, Hayward's gonna launch something again. Probably Vision. "All we needed was a little energy directly from the source." Yup, there we go. Actual bringing online. Yay. Happy to see this. Five minutes of credits to go but nothing happens. Man, they tease me with a 45 minute episode but not really? Anyway, continuing to enjoy this show!

Oh lord, I wasn't EVEN mentally at work today except for my meetings. Why? Because I tried the Walgreen's website today at 8 a.m. and they had appointments aplenty. On the good news side, they let me make one for Monday afternoon and the Monday afternoon 4 weeks after that (I guess they are giving Moderna from that timeline), and I got one, and I got permission to leave work and all that. On the bad news side: (a) I very specifically put in where I live and yet all of the appointments were in Sacramento (not my county). I made one, then told my coworkers this was an option. One of them said that she tried to make one in Sacramento, they let her, and then the day before the appointment canceled it because she didn't live in Sacramento County. So.... that may very well happen to me. Even though really, if they had nothing open in my county and wouldn't let me go elsewhere, why did they let me make one in Sac? Huh? So....I might be getting one, I might not. Who the fuck knows if they will still let me. Though Dawn did tell me that a few people she knew had to drive to another county to get theirs, so...maybe?

That said, they said I had to bring in printed paperwork to do this, so I need to go to the FedEx tomorrow and print things out. If I have to go into a FedEx, I might as well mail some people things, so am arranging to mail some Baby Yodas and the like out. Anyway, I was pretty well distracted by THAT stuff all effing day and bouncing off the walls all morning (rechecking the Walgreen's website to see if they had anything in my county, they did not, wondering if I'd accidentally canceled it, asking for time off, getting the directions, downloading things to a flash drive). It's probably a good thing no emergencies came up at work. Thankfully, my coworkers were also not super mentally on the ball today, so maybe that is going around :P

Quote from Yarn Club today: "I don't like it when my yarn squeaks on me!" -Yemi on Red Heart Super Saver. This came from her admitting that she is actually going to use some acrylic yarn--that's more my bag, baby.

I also feel kind of guilty for trying to get one, since obviously I am not badly off by comparison to others. Dawn kinda got on me about it yesterday (we have made up today, I told her this was going on, and she showed me some insane mask patterns out of plastic canvas and I was all "don't use those as your one form of mask!") and then today I realized that she's screwed out of getting one: she retired in January, she's not even 65, and a month later they allow all "educators" to get in line. She's not anywhere close unless she comes down with something (god, I hope not). She said if you can get it, get it. But I feel bad anyway. So I guess if I am not allowed to get one, then I'd deserve it. But...will still try, at least for now.

I feel like I'm gonna jinx myself Murphy's Law style for getting my hopes up. But I am having a bit of daydreams about mid-April, being "safe" to go outside, hopefully getting the Moderna before they start rolling out the J&J (I know they say "get any vaccine," but I want one that deals well with variants! I feel like "which one did you get" is going to be crucial to all our futures), maybe being able to be less goddamned paranoid. And seeing my mom again, guilt free.

Also out of paranoia today, I got the bright idea to order Scott and his mom some KN95 masks because god knows they need 'em more than I do, (once again, is absolutely vetted if you want to go there, and cheap), so I ordered a pack of 20, and then looked at the mailing and realized I may not get them in time, so I pad another $8 to hopefully have them show up by the 6th. Hah hah. I guess we'll see.

I wish I'd thought that idea up earlier. But it came from realizing that I am going to be out of the house a LOT more days just in a WEEKish than I was planning on being: (1) out tomorrow at FedEx, (b) shot day, if I'm lucky, a few days later, (c) I'm due for the ol' birth control shot a few days after that, assuming I'm symptom free enough to go do that, and (d) then the birthday dropoff. That's four masks being used out of the pack of 10 I got awhile back and I am not entirely clear as to whether or not I can reuse them and on what duration (5 day wait is what I've read). I did order myself another pack of 10 but that one hasn't shown up yet.

Anyway, that's where my brain is today: all about disease, and mailing stuffed animals. Which reminds me, I need to go make Claire a tiny dumpster fire by tomorrow morning.

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