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2004-02-27, 11:10 p.m.

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Well, I certainly took some steps towards branching out today. I checked the school newspaper to see if anything was going on this weekend, and found a listing for this play. Which admittedly looks weird as all hell, occasionally I am into mindfucks.

"Geoff said I was the only person he knew with a big enough ego that I could write a show about myself, and star in it, and get people to come see it," Pollack said. "We joked that the title would be Mischa on Mischa and it would deal with the life of Mischa Pollack and how it is like everyone else's life only maybe a little crazier."

Yeah, somehow I can relate to that. Lord knows my life at times could be a play. We'd call it "Jennifer's Men." Oof. Anyway, it's in the funky theater on campus, and playing on Sunday, so the timing's right.

So when I went to the ticket office website to see when they were open, I found another listing, this one for a Monte Carlo night for students, faculty and staff. Gaming, food, dancing, magician, a band, and karaoke from five till nine on an upcoming Friday in March. I don't know jack about gambling games, but if there's a dance floor and people dancing, I'm happy, not to mention other things to do if nobody else is dancing. I bought tickets for both events.

I am kind of nervous about going to Monte Carlo alone. It's the kind of event that most people wouldn't think about attending without their five closest friends along too, so I fear I'll be standing around bored by myself most of the night. But I might as well at least get out of the house on a Friday night and around people for a few hours. I'm not comfortable about going to bars alone even though I like them, and I have no interest in seeing crap live bands I've never heard of for the most part, and this is something to do. I can fucking tape Joan of Arcadia for once ;)

And in other social uh, news, I finally got around to joining Orkut, since half of 3WA is. Now I didn't think I'd like these "social network" sites because they seemed kinda match-makey and/or boring, but so far this thing is crack on a stick. Mainly I've been going around joining like 50 communities for the message board fun. I found one for my high school but didn't know anyone on it. I also found the UCD community...and it turns out lots of people from my old crowd are on it. Fuck, half of them are married! Some of the ones that were coupled are single! My previously-mentioned old roommate Jessica that got pregnant now had the baby, got married, moved, and is a "bored stay-at-home mom." It made me feel kind of sad, really. I've missed out on so much stuff. It's been what, 2-3 years? I wonder if they'd even recognize me if they saw me in UCD. (The only decent photo of myself I could find was old hair color, straight hair instead of curly, with my glasses off. Practically unrecognizable to my current self, but my most recent photos are horrid.) Or acknowledge me. I feel shy. Hell, I'm afraid to friend all the folks I know in case some of them go, "God, someone's friending me and I don't fucking know who that is!" or "I'm not FRIENDS with her, really!" So far I only friended the ones I'm fairly sure would acknowledge me in public, heh.

I had my career counseling appointment today, and it was great fun and fascination. It was funny that she recognized me, not from my face so much as my big honking disco ring, which she'd been staring at so as to avoid being called on in the communication seminar the other day! Heh. You can tell she's a jewelry person. We yapped about that stuff for awhile as well. I'd so hang out with her otherwise, you can just tell.

Practicality-wise, she terms my idea of improving my ability to get clerical jobs and doing artsy stuff on the side as a "patchwork career." Well, that's appropriate. She said I was doing this at the right time to start boosting my skills before I get stuck and you never know how the economy's going to go, etc. She gave me a list of other classes to try and take when I can, and approved of the ones I am signed up for. Next week I'm supposed to bring my resume in. (This may be a problem, since I can't find the CD it's burned on...eep.)

Anyway, I found it all very exciting, even if the ideae of "networking" with people I barely met four years ago gives me the wiggins.

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