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2020-02-27, 7:42 p.m.

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Good news!

I am feeling a lot better today. Slept till 11:30 and while I was sleeping, my lungs actually cleared out and I could breathe through my nose...and then my lungs woke up when I went to the bathroom. Sigh.

I went jogging again for a full hour this time and I am feeling a LOT better. Like a lot. Like I spent most of the evening after that not even coughing that much, though I had one awful stint for a bit in which I hacked up....well, something wet that wasn’t vomit, so let’s hope that’s just phlegm getting out of there. Robert texted to say he was going to try to get people together over the weekend and I was all, should be well by then! I have a doctor’s note of this! So we’ll see.

On the also good news side, the new dinner theater show has been announced. A Robin Hood musical. 6 female parts, but “lots of extras,” so hopefully I can get in as an extra if nothing else. WHEW. End of March. Fingers crossed.

Medium news:

On the questionable side, I spent the day trying to figure out making this tie. I made a sample to work on and then tried cross stitching with waste canvas, which you are supposed to be able to pull out afterwards. This is certainly true, but it ended up snagging the yarn a LOT. So I spent the rest of the evening tooling around trying to figure out a way around that, and eventually deduced that if I have tissue paper in between the yarn and the waste canvas, that seems to solve the snagging issue. So, fingers crossed. Now I need to come up with a design that fits the tie size, which is of course smaller than I thought. I’ll deal with that tomorrow, I guess.

Bad news: Guess what, coronavirus is in my area already! They have no idea how or why! It will take them a few days to confirm it for sure in my county, but it’s inevitable according to the news. It’s probably a good thing I’m trying to hide away from people while being sick right now or else I might be getting pointed out and yelled SHUN at if I start coughing. I’m keeping my distance from other humans while running.

No, I’m sure I don’t have it.

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