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A Return to Goal-Setting...Sorta

2008-02-28, 3:20 p.m.

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So, I never did get around to mentioning how that con went. I was utterly exhausted after going, and hell, the weekend after it I still spent lying around comatose watching television.

It was good. I think I shall return with this group again next year if they'll have me. My friend teaching at it had her presentation go well. I mostly went to a bunch of tarot/divination-related classes, and one on uh, yarn. There was, of course, shopping.

I did run into the ex-friend...upon arriving at the con the first night as she was leaving it, I shit you not. She hugged me, I gave her contact information...and well, that was it. Didn't see her or hear from her again. *shrug* I don't know what to make of that, but it wasn't weird and nothing changed, so no harm done. Okay then.

Mom has not totally freaked, but is mostly ignoring the situation to focus on He Who Seriously Cannot Be Arsed To Get Married, Green Card Or No. *eye-roll*

In other news...hey, remember those goals I made a big stink about in January? Me neither!

Okay, I finally got signed up for NaNoEdMo (I was having issues getting onto their site), and am currently trying to plan how to do 50 hours of editing in my whack-ass crazy schedule.

Though to be fair, part of why I am doing it this month is because halfway through, my activities magically go away because of finals week and spring break (of which I get one day off). Looking at my schedule, it looks like the first two weekends of the month are free and clear and the first two weeks of weekdays have very little free time in 'em, and then this reverses for the other half of the month when family crap comes up on weekends and I have no classes and the gym closes on the weekdays.

I am HOPING this means that I can squeeze in the requisite 50 hours of work in there, especially since I'll have lots of free time at the end of the month.

Even though I have NO IDEA what I am doing.

And I just got FIVE new books (out of 8 I wanted to get that came out in this week...good thing payday is tomorrow). Plus I started watching Torchwood and drooling over Captain Jack just like everyone else with a pulse.


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