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2004-02-29, 8:28 p.m.

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List of things I was going to do this weekend:

(a) Read my career development books.

(b) Go through my "Tarot in Ten Minutes" book and do some readings.

(c) Make jewelry.

(d) Write a journal entry on songs.

(e) Look for my CD with my resume on it.

(f) Go to the bank and deposit my $13 + change check from the recording industry before they take the money away from me.

How much of this have I done? Not much, because of Orkut.

I am not kidding when I say that most of the time that I've been home in the last few days I've been signing up for Orkut communities and then reading them. I now have 95, four of which I started myself: Too Many Jennifers, Kage Baker's Company Series, The Dresden Files, and Baby, You Can't Drive My Car. Readers of this site can pretty much figure out the purposes of these already ;) I'm not even the worst for signing up for lots of communities- I saw one guy with 290. He was in the "Addicted to Orkut Communities" section, incidentally.

And the communities can be so dang random it's hilarious. There's one for fans of Wing, for example. Though I think my favorite for silliest performance is the badger badger badger community, which is up to a whopping fifteen threads. My favorite of which is the "I have a problem" thread, which actually goes into how the badgers are our gods and it was all in the Bible anyway. The Monty Python community 'tis a silly place, with a spam thread, an argument thread, a "larch or fir" thread, and a "This is a topic! Or is it?" thread. I also got a giggle from Girls Who Wear Glasses, where someone was amazed that it would become a sprawling cultural phenomenon "involving ten, possibly twelve people".

For the record, here's what else I'm in, just for shits and giggles.

Geekitude and Technical Stuff: LEGO, Palm, Addicted to Orkut Communities, I Don't Get Social Software, Nerds, Time Travel, iTunes Music Store, Bizarre mp3.

Music: Mraz Lovers, Jason Mraz, John Mayer (2 of these), Tom Lehrer, Michelle Branch, Weird Al, Tenacious D.

Books: Kushiel's Fans, The Endless, David Sedaris, Neil Gaiman- For Fans, Diana Gabaldon, Savage Love (really filthy graphic for this one!), Laurie Notaro, Dorothy Parker, Frankenland, Don't Panic, Vampire Research, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, L-Space, Laurell K. Hamilton.

Books/Movies: Bridget Jones, Gone With The Wind, Princess Bride.

Movies: John Cusack, Save Ferris, Jay and Silent Bob, Kevin Smith, Star Wars.

Arts: Too Many Hobbies, Artsy-Craftsy, DIY-Lovin, Beads, Crafts As Business.

Tree-Hugging Hippie Crap: Tarot, Astrology, Taurus.

Private Places: ThreeWayAction, MATH+1.

Writing: Creative Nonfiction, Writers, National Novel Writing Month.

TV: The OC (2 of those), Daria, M.A.S.H., Red Dwarf, Survivor, Survivor AllStars, The Apprentice, Monty Python, Joan of Arcadia, Babylon 5.

Whedon-Related: Spike, Buffy, The Genius Of Joss, Angel, Firefly, Buffy and Angel.

Local: My high school, my college, my town (previously mentioned).

Journal/Blog Sites: TypePad, Diaryland, LiveJournal, Online Journals.

Bunnies: Happy Bunny, House Rabbits, Flowers and Bunnies.

Love Stinks: Love Sucks, The Problem With Love Is, Quirkyalone, Misanthropy.

Miscellaneous: Childfree, Random Thoughts, INFP, Pro-Choice, Only Children, All-Nighters.

In other news, I went over to Jess's last night to watch Comic Book: The Movie. It's a hoot, about a high school history teacher/comic book store owner/expert on "Commander Courage" who gets recruited by movie people who want to make a "Codename: Courage" updated movie of the comic. They all go to Comic-Con in San Diego to make the announcement, where the movie people are traumatized by the comic people, people run around in costumes and act like beavers, and the teacher is traumatized by the script. Oh, and comic book stars run around.

Incidentally, I had sat through most of the movie before remarking, "I thought Mark Hamill was supposed to be in this." "He is, he's the teacher." "He WHAT?!" Seriously, he's got curly hair, brown contacts, glasses and a beard, and I did not even recognize him as him until the end where he isn't in the glasses. Freaked me out!

As for today, I went to the aforementioned play, which was...interesting. Turns out Heather knew someone in the cast and went to see it the night before, not to mention showing up at a cast party. The star, Mischa, certainly is riveting on stage, especially when he's practically running around in an open bear suit. Turns out most of the play is about Mischa taking the emcee character into his own head and debating desire versus control. Kind of strange, but it works on its own in the end.

While on my way to go there, I picked up some flyers in the drama department, and it looks like a show called "Big Love", some kind of old-time play/dance thing, is opening next weekend. Despite the subject matter, I think I'm going to go. I think I'll try to go to more shows more often now. Gives me something to do...

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