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Bonus Day

2020-02-29, 7:47 p.m.

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It’s a bonus day! I actually slept over 8 hours but not 11-12 hours. However, since it is Lawn Guys Day (aaaaaargh), I had to get up earlier to leave the house to avoid them anyway. I went to the gym for two hours to work that shit out of my lungs, then got a new book (Imaginary Numbers by Seanan McGuire) and walked around downtown a bit.

Also, as for today, we are still clear of coronavirus in this county, as the one kid tested for it came out negative.

The tie is going great, I got the logo cross stitched on just fine, thank you. Huzzah. It’s almost done except for sewing it together.

In other news, the yarn store mailing list announced that they are moving to a new location in Vacaville that can house both the quilting and the yarn shops. I had heard from Scott awhile back (like summer) that they were looking to move because the yarn shop building owner was probably not going to let them renew their lease, which ended in April. So that’s nice for them that they managed to find somewhere and I guess that will end all of the rants about parking....though I am not happy to hear that moving time is around my birthday. Guess if I do anything with theater people around then, he won’t be coming (sigh).

Robert found out about some event that Turkovich Wines was having at their winery--a $5 wine, food truck, sunset watching party. Yes, please. I need to be around people again. I got there earlier than everyone else, so I was alone for a while looking weird. Oh well to that, that’s what a new book is for. Robert got in around 3:45, so he and I hung out one on one for awhile.

News from Robert: he and Janene actually got married (after 25 years of being together) recently, apparently choosing the date so he could be in the 2/22/2020 wedding date people. They had a small wedding. He wore blue, she wore a green gown, so I approved of the Technicolor. He had to tell me in person because well, I don’t do social media. “You’re not really missing anything,” he said, but I wonder on that one (also see below).

Another reason why I wonder: he and I discussed the whole Pyrate drama. Does he know what went down? Yeah, pretty much. I guess someone (I’m presuming Sarajean) uploaded the video of Sarah singing “Fuck You” in the tube costume on Facebook and “I heard your laugh on that.” I’m not sure what drama might have gone down between Pyrate and the bar--Robert made a vague mention of that, but he wasn’t around the last two weeks of December so neither of us knows if something went on there. Anyway, “I feel like I need some space from him for awhile,” he said, and I agreed.

I also told him some of the shit going on with me--work drama, ugh.

The third person to arrive was Robert’s friend Nicole, who is an anthropology grad student and I liked her. Anthropology stories involving the things you dig up are interesting. We also discussed divey dudes, like ones coming on to her in Italy and the guys I ran into at Pantheacon. She said the guys in Italy were surprisingly polite about being turned down and I was all, that’s what I thought too in my case....

Cameron came in after that and we both got donuts at the donut truck. I got a “cheesecake” donut and “bacon and Rice Krispie treats” donut, both were great. I’m not normally that into donuts that aren’t tiny powdered or Krispy Kreme, but whatever that food truck was, it rocked. However, I’d had two glasses of girly wine and was still ah, fairly drunk by 5:30ish and since sunset was at 6, I really needed to sober up so I could drive home within like, an hour.

(Note: somehow the sun got covered in clouds, so we never actually SAW sunset. Robert did get some nice photos before that happened, though.)

I hit the (requisite in this area) Buckhorn food truck for some meat. I got number seventy, which disappointed me in that I missed out on getting number 69. However, by the time they called “69,” that lady had disappeared, despite the yells of “69!”

Naturally, I felt compelled to yell out, “SIXTY-NINE, DUDES!” The guy next to me was all, “I wasn’t going to go there, but you went there.” Yes, yes I did. About five minutes after I got back to the table with my food, Scott finally arrived and I told that story, which he deemed “delightful.”

Anyway, he got up to hug me when he got in and asked if I was feeling better, so yay. He said he’d gone to karaoke and left when none of us were there because he’d rather be with our group. I ah, pointed out to the guys that when they haven’t been there, I’ve had to sit at what we call “the Targaryen table” (i.e. where the older karaoke singers sit, led by Walt, something that most of our gang doesn’t want to do since Walt came in in a MAGA hat one night--however, if nobody but me is showing up, there’s no point in my saving another table) and while I haven’t had any major issues happen per se, uh, there have been some things going on while I’ve been there alone and I would ah, really appreciate y’all coming to karaoke more...

Scott’s eyes got bigger and bigger while I was saying that, so I had to say, “No, not Badger.” Badger has been fine. And sober lately. But let’s face it, would I have had this stuff come up with Frank (and also, what’s with Walt kissing me on the ear?! Also weird) had I not been in there alone? Don’t think so. So.... yes, please, be around some more?

Anyway: after 6 p.m. there was no sunset, it was getting rather chilly, and they didn’t have any outdoor heaters, so Nicole suggested going to her house and playing VR games and drinking moscato. Scott was down for the games, I was down for moscato, Robert wanted both, so we all went. Cameron elected to go home after that, as she’s not a nighttime person so much.

Thankfully, I was sober enough to drive by that point. I was amused that her house was on the corner of, no joke, Lovers Lane. Hah. So we hung out in the house, were amused by her cats, and played some games. I did the easiest game involving swatting boxes, on the easiest setting, so that went well. Everyone else tried some other games involving swatting paint balls and archery, and then we all ended up watching farting videos on YouTube. Some English dude called “Mr. Methane” and then a Kenny vs. Spenny episode in which two guys competed to produce the biggest fart. I'm sure if you want to look this up on your own YouTube account, you can, but my algorithms are scary enough as is without adding links for that.

Folks, which is the weirdest thing to do around your crush, (a) sing “I Touch Myself,” or (b) watch farting videos? I cannot decide, but that is also a thing that happened. “What did you do Saturday night, Jen?” “Went to some random girl’s house to drink and watch farting videos.” Most people my age are stuck at home with the kids, y’all.

Anyway... he did sit next to me and we were touching during that, so there’s that. I’ve been so sick of being Cootie Girl all week and I needed that. And hugs at the start/end of the night. And hopefully guys come to karaoke in a few days.

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