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Vaccine Number 1

2021-03-01, 8:29 p.m.

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Quote of the day is from Yemi, after I sent her a link about today being National Welsh Corgi Day: "Thank you! 40 corgi butts is what I needed today!"

I also heard from my therapist, who is getting her shot during my session tomorrow, so I guess no session. And Kelly, about the stuff to cut from the play--she agrees with most of it. I said cut the stuff that you're good with cutting and then see if you need to cut more, do it that way. That was fun to write back to. And Meg wrote me and was very helpful on the "waaaah, I'm left out" agita I was having.

Work: my boss is back from Hawaii, saying, "Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation." She also asked Adventure Girl about the bachelorette party she was throwing by saying, "Did you embarrass the heck out of your friend?" Hah.

Anyway, we asked how the trip went and she said "Friday leading into Sunday was something...." They didn't get results for their test emailed to them until 2 hours before the flight took off and they hadn't packed at all out of paranoia. Added bonus fun was her ingrown toenail, which she thought she could fix herself, realized at 2 am. Thursday that she had to go to the doctor, and then "Adventure Girl, you failed to tell me it was the worst experience I ever had in my life." (AG was giving her advice like "go get a pedicure, it's a lot less painful.) "So then we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off."

She brought her computer, but did not look at anything and now has 2000+ emails. I'm not sure how much of a trip they could have without thinking about you-know-what all the time, exactly ,but "have the summer vacation that you wanted in February," because they figured waiting even longer wasn't going to be any better/mask free. Might as well, I guess.

Then Dianna brought up that the "shutdownaversary" is in two weeks and Grandboss was all, "we should have a party." I have no effing idea how that would go....

Other than that, same old biz. I told my boss about the Technical Difficulties and whatnot so she's informed, but I can't recreate the Technical Difficulties, so we're not going to super worry about it unless it happens again. And mostly I just waited around to leave for the day. I may have a meeting with everyone tomorrow just to tell them how the vaccine went-- I am concerned that Dianna is hesitant about getting it. As far as I'm concerned, I'd get the thing if it made me barf for three days, it'd be worth it under the circumstances! (Though we shall see how I feel in 29 days when Side Effect Time kicks in.) But seriously, unless the vaccine actively killed someone or made body parts fall off, I WOULD GET IT.

As for the vaccine: I got there about a half hour early because there was NOT any rush hour traffic these days, so I did a bit of shopping--picking up Excedrin, bags, candy, Trix. Then I got into line at 4:24-they said to get there 15 minutes early. I'm not sure how many of the crowd in there was in there for vaccine--I might guess 2-3? Mostly I was stuck behind an old lady (80's) who said she heard on television that the J&J shots were arriving tomorrow everywhere and while she's already gotten hers, she wants them for the grandchildren. I am pretty sure this "coming tomorrow" news was complete news to the staff, who politely said they hadn't heard any of this and they were told that J&J wasn't arriving there until March 15. Old lady was politely insistent that the J&J was coming tomorrow and was all, "Well, you might be surprised tomorrow!" I desperately wanted to say, "Don't believe everything you see on TV news, also TV news sucks."

Anyway, I got up to the counter about 4:35 and the lady checked my ID, work ID, HMO card, took my form, put stuff into the computer, checked my temperature....and then it was probably about a 5 minute wait for the nice pharmacist. I got a flu vaccine sticker and, as it turns out, the Pfizer, not the Moderna. In all honesty, I know we're not supposed to have a preference, but Pfizer was my first choice with that 95%, so YAY! The pharmacist didn't make me wait afterwards, presumably because I don't have reactions to shots, and I did not have one going home anyway. She said not much happens after the first shot, but the SECOND shot...she didn't super elaborate and said she would next shot, but I guess I need to plan for a sick day on the 31st.

(I will note that I have another project due that day, an ordering one, but I have trained the heck out of everyone for the last four months, so I am confident that they will handle it if I can't. Also, Grandboss said something about being out for vaccines and vaccine-related illness should count as "Covid time" and not sick time...however that's going to work.)

I also signed up for this website that checks on you and your symptoms after vaccination. My arm is feeling it a bit as of 8 p.m., but not bad.

Anyway, I am relieved as heck, feel fine, and am finally starting to feel some hope that this shit might be over for me. In 44 days.

Tonight's Hallmark: "It Was Always You."

Dear Hallmark: please never ever start a movie with a scene of someone at the dentist again. Anyway, Elizabeth is engaged to her dentist boss George. The actual love interest is Mr. Rugged Adventurer David, who is already not as boring as his brother George. All of these people have grown up together, I guess. This girl orders ice cream like Sally Albright and even provides a list. The proposal is...very boring and logical and sensible. "Life doesn't need to be a romance novel." "Who needs romance," David agrees.

"I was being myself, as I am," is how David talks. He has saved some rabbit's foot of Elizabeth's that fell off her bag years ago after she reported him at the movies. "I was going to return it, but no." "I'm a terrible person, what do you want?" -David. The grandma in this is a marital shamer and tells David he should just stay home and get married already. "I got married at 18. What's your problem, mister?" (Uh, marriage at 18 isn't the best idea these days?)

Life with David: he's up at 2 a.m. blasting rock 'n roll because he's on "Tibetian time." Elizabeth tells him to shut it off and then he fakes dying of a peanut allergy. "Is that your idea of a joke?" "More of a performance piece, really." I guess they are all on an island (Washington, I'm guessing) and SOMEHOW the fiance is trapped off island due to a lightning strike on the bridge. The what now? She wants NOTHING BUT VANILLA for her cake. David declares her a Neapolitan sundae with sprinkles if she just lets go once in awhile. To which I am all, how can you tell? "She's less Elizabeth and more Lizzie" when you're around, says the..I dunno, someone's sister. "I've been meaning to ask you, how much DOES a first class stamp cost?" is foreplay for the sister and her mailman.

"I changed my mind. I want a TWO slice toaster. I like crumbs. I really like crumbs." This is apparently a big deal for Elizabeth. Reasons why George is horrifying: he thinks dental conventions are fun, refuses to stop working, says we can go to Europe "when we are VERY old and VERY gray." I will note that George is also giving the eye to the hot redheaded assistant at work. This guy, man. Anyway, Elizabeth breaks up with George and goes traveling everywhere for a year. George is of course with the redheaded assistant, sister has married the postman. Now they can get together.

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