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In Like A Lion...

2004-03-02, 5:50 p.m.

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Wow, they weren't kidding about March coming in like a lion, were they?

This is an e-mail I just sent to my career counselor:

"Can we reschedule this Friday's appointment for next Friday? I cannot find any of my resume information for the life of me, people have unexpectedly invaded my house for the week, my roommate's having a meltdown, my grandfather just died, the cat's in heat and humping my computer every time I go near it, and in short, I somehow don't think I'll be able to pull together a new resume from scratch in time for Friday this week."

Well, let's itemize the list of disasters, shall we? In order of occurence.

1. Dave decided to read my journal again and sent apologies and a "I wanna be friends" on Monday morning, just the right time to pretty much start the day off bad. Frankly, after all the other crap that just blew up right after this, I am not in the mood to deal with responding to it. So Dave, if you're still reading this, now you know. Don't expect to hear from me any time soon.

2. Just as I get home from class and get off the phone to deal with this shit, Heather came home last night in a state of meltdown. Basically:

(a) she had a paper due today,

(b) found out her sister got an interview here for Thursday and thus decided to come up here Monday night, and didn't tell her until she was already on the way up,

(c) was told by the dude she's been dating (we'll call him "Bachelor #1 right now) that he wanted to spend the night and bring a friend over to crash on the couch, also tonight, before they went snowboarding. Thus leaving her to try to figure out awkward sleeping arrangements,

(d) Bachelor #1 and Heather hang out/date on Monday nights. Bachelor #2 that Heather has made out with a few times on the weekends that's part of her gang heard she hung out at this bar and now was planning on showing up there on Monday nights. Oh, and apparently a few of her exes were likely to show up too.

So in short, she was having every woman's nightmare.

I don't know how it came out as yet, other than hearing that Bachelor #1 ended up going to a different bar, but presumably he came home last night, so who knows what the hell went on.

3. Three thousand billion ants started coming into the house again, Kitchen unuseable. Am unable to put household remedies that high up on the door that they are coming in through. And Heather and co. left lots of food and soda sitting out last night.

4. Can't find my resume CD or paperwork or anything around the house at all.

5. Oh crap, March is National Novel Editing Month.

6. Got e-mail from Mom this morning saying that she and Aunt Susie were leaving work because things weren't going well. As it turned out, he died about 20 minutes after they left town. I called her when I got off work and they were eating in the Sizzler up there. She sounded surprisingly well, but I don't expect that to last. Of course I didn't know what to say and probably sounded quite uncaring.

Aunt Susie called Alicia and she burst out into hysterical tears- the appropriate reaction, albeit that completely shocked me because last I checked, Alicia hated him too. Hell, she was the originator of the line "Why do all the good grandparents have to die?" I'm going to be the only dry-eyed, uncaring bitch at the funeral/service/whatever. I had been vaguely reassured that my cousins weren't likely to be devastated either, but I guess that won't be the case. At best, I was neutral on the man, and everyone's going to hate me because I'm not grief-stricken and brokenhearted over him.

I asked when a funeral would be, and she said definitely not this weekend (good thing because I have something I'm supposed to be at then) because that would ruin Alicia's birthday (in two days). "Probably something in the next few weeks." Well, okay then.

I told her I was sorry and she started crying.

It never rains but it pours when it comes to me, doesn't it?

But just to cheer this entry up a tiny bit, two good things:

(a) One of the old gang friended me on Orkut, which was sweet. It wasn't someone I'd have expected to either. I haven't had the time to go on there much, but I'm still flattered.

(b) I bought a 15G iPod at the campus bookstore. Not only do they sell them, but they sell them at a discount. Unfortunately they only carry the most expensive models actually in the store (because broke students have an extra $469 to spare for the 40G, you know), so I have to wait two weeks to actually get the thing, but it's something to look forward to.

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