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Beeswax Collage and Art

2019-03-02, 9:40 p.m.

I signed up for a (free) CC class that I wanted to take, but had not signed up for because it would have interfered with Gumbo. It was a beeswax collage class. What that means is that you heat up beeswax in some kind of pot thing (crock pot or double boiler if you’re doing it at home), paint it onto a canvas, then continue to use the beeswax and paint it onto napkin paper, mulberry paper, Xerox paper--just thin papers you can layer the colors on.

The teacher lives in Berkeley and has apparently decided this is the last class she’s going to schlep over to teach over here, so it’s a good thing I caught her now, I guess. I made one piece out of rainbow napkins and another out of purple ones, both butterfly themed. So those now exist because I wasn’t in that show. That’s something, at least.

I also went to a dance performance here. This one was “Art in 4 Dimensions” and was incorporating paintings with dance and music. It mostly starts out with the director giving an art lecture and using her dance troupe to illustrate points, before eventually getting into people doing dance numbers based on the paintings. That was fairly cool. I don’t think I was into/related to it as much as the last show of theirs I went to, but I do like it.

I also ran into two people from the Sacramento storytelling/poetry show and they were happy to see me and one of them was saying how talented I was. I was thinking, “Well, at least SOMEBODY thinks so” and saying, “I needed to hear that this week.”

Afterwards, Dawn and Loretta and I went out to IHOP, where I ate a crappy dessert (do not eat the dessert crepes, the syrupy strawberry was indeed fake and terrible) and then was still hungry so I ordered a salad after that. Shoulda done that the other way around. Had fun hanging out though.

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