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The Art Of The Breakup Mix

2004-03-03, 10:43 p.m.


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This is a pre-written entry I keep forgetting to post up. In my real life, things are hectic, I had to postpone my career counseling appointment, people are at the house, and Heather's just lost her keys again. And the memorial service was scheduled for April 15, which is just great when one of the family works for accountants and there's three kids in school, plus I get to use up an entire vacation day for it. Ugh.

Anyway, this is in honor of my new iPod, which came in today! ONE good thing this week!

I've been having much fun compiling breakup songs on iTunes lately. (Like putting on a pair of comfy slippers. Hah.) Anyway, for anyone in a similar situation's edification and amusement, I thought I'd post the contents of my mixes, only grouped by approximate song category.

Won’t You Bloody Well Break Up With Me Already Songs:

* Honesty, LeAnn Rimes (Look, dude, I already KNOW you have some kind of problem. Just bloody spit it out already!)

* Something Already Gone, Carlene Carter (Ditto, but I still want you, but it’s already over anyway. Sigh.)

* Do You Sleep?, Lisa Loeb (I’m feeling angry.)

* Rest In Peace, Spike (Once More With Feeling soundtrack) (I’m feeling used. Leave me alone!)

* Comin’ Down, Shannon Campbell. (There’s an impending bloody battle coming on.)

* Get A Little, Shannon Campbell. (This relationship is driving me crazy.)

* You Lie, Reba McEntire (You cheating dog.)

* Rumor Has It, Reba McEntire (Ditto)

* The Weakness In Me, Joan Armatrading (I’m the cheating dog, and I hate it! Leave me alone, alluring man!)

Sad, Mopey Songs:

* If You’re Not The One, Daniel Bedingfield (But...but... you’re SUPPOSED to be the one! How could I be wrong? Lord, I relate.)

* Without The Girl, Daniel Bedingfield (Mopey)

* Gotta Get Through This (Acoustic), Daniel Bedingfield (Self-explanatory.)

* Split Screen Sadness, John Mayer (Long-distance moping.)

* Blue, LeAnn Rimes (Bummed and hurt.)

* Hurt Me, LeAnn Rimes (Ditto.)

* No Way Out, LeAnn Rimes (Ditto.)

* Don’t Let Him Steal Your Heart Away, Phil Collins (But...but... I don’t want to lose you already! Don’t move on to him! Please! Please! Even if he’s a billion times better than I am, don’t leave meeeee!)

* She Runs Away, Duncan Sheik (The joys of the elusive girl.)

* Barely Breathing, Duncan Sheik (Ditto, but it’s driving me buggers.)

* The Trouble With Love Is, Kelly Clarkson (Self-explanatory)

* Torn, Natalie Imbruglia (You ripped me up, dude.)

* Pretender Got My Heart, Alisha’s Attic (I hate being tricked.)

* Sweet Misery, Michelle Branch (The I-want-you-but-it-hurts relationship.)

* Your Winter, Sister Hazel (I’m tired of being the one who causes you pain.)

* Layla, Eric Clapton (Tortured and wanting. Duh.)

* You Were Meant For Me, Jewel (I’m trying to suck it up, but...I still think you’ll come back.)

* Foolish Games, Jewel (Self-explanatory.)

* Bye, Bye Blackbird, Joe Cocker (“No one seems to love or understand me.”)

* But Not For Me, Harry Connick, Jr. (All the love songs in the world no longer apply to me, and it SUCKS. Amen to that.)

* Don’t Get Around Much Any More, Harry Connick, Jr. (Hiding from the coupled world I used to be in. Yeah, I kinda relate.)

* For My Broken Heart, Reba McEntire (“I guess the world didn’t stop for my broken heart.”)

* They Asked About You, Reba McEntire (I was having a good time until you reminded me that he dumped me again. Gee, thanks, jerk.)

* Does He Love You, Reba McEntire (Another cheating song.)

* Till I Get Over You, Michelle Branch (I’m trying...)

Sad, Mopey, Yet Strangely Upbeat Tempo Songs:

* If I Could Turn Back Time, Cher (I screwed up.)

* My Baby Shot Me Down, Cher (And yet, she seems surprisingly happy about the gunshots. I’m afraid to ask.)

* The Love I Lost, Sybil (“The love I lost was a sweet love” that didn’t work out. Bummer.)

* He Don’t Love You Like I Love You, Daniel Bedingfield (Hey! I’d have your babies! He won’t!)

* Blown It Again, Daniel Bedingfield (See “If I Could Turn Back Time,” even though this one is about a friend.)

* Sucker, John Mayer (“If I wasn’t such a sucker for you.”

* Trouble With Goodbye, LeAnn Rimes (Lots of the word in foreign languages, though.)

* Take A Bow, Madonna (Why one shouldn’t date actors.)

* Song For The Lonely, Cher (try to get the farewell tour version, where she finishes up by giving this long speech about how “I have been an evil fricking diva for 40 fricking years!”)

* You and I Both, Jason Mraz. (Incidentally, there used to be a working video on where he said the idea for that song was having a dream where he and his girlfriend broke up, and then waking up and it’s not true. Only it was much more rambling and obscure than that.)

* Killin’ Kind, Shelby Lynne (Another one of those relationships that are pull me, push you, love you, but ow)

* Brand New Day, Sting (No one sums up the crap one feels upon the breakup like Sting.)

* Cruel To Be Kind, Letters To Cleo (Why the hell are you being mean to me already?)

* Another One Bites The Dust, Queen (Self-explanatory.)

* Walking On Broken Glass, Annie Lennox (Ditto.)

* All That She Wants, Ace of Base (I’m not sure if “all that she wants is another baby” means she wants to be pregnant or get a boyfriend, but given that she wakes up alone I’m betting it’s the latter.)

* Lovefool, The Cardigans (Self-explanatory.)

Pissed And Bitter Songs:

* Love Stinks, J. Geils Band (Self-explanatory)

* Somebody Kill Me, Adam Sandler (Perhaps the best breakup song ever.)

* You Oughta Know, Alanis Morrissette (And likewise, the best pissed-off-at-being-dumped song ever.)

* Cell Block Tango, Chicago soundtrack (“He had it coming!”)

* I’m So Sick Of You, Weird Al Yankovic (Self-explanatory.)

Sucking It Up, Getting Through It Songs:

* Gotta Get Through This (Radio Edit), Daniel Bedingfield (Love the upbeat version too.)

* On Love, In Sadness, Jason Mraz (“The measure of love isn’t loss.”)

* This Will All Make Perfect Sense, John Mayer (“There’s got to be a reason for the rain.”)

* To Think I Used To Love You, Uncle Kracker (Self-explanatory.)

* Leaves Me Nothing, Shannon Campbell. (Okay, it’s time to break up now.)

* Head Above Water, Shannon Campbell. (I’m going to write songs about you! I’m a songwriter! It’s what I do!)

* Mill City, Shannon Campbell (A cheery visit to a psychic.)

* There’s A Fine, Fine Line, Avenue Q soundtrack (...”between love and a waste of your time.”)

* Goodbye To You, Michelle Branch (“I want you, but I’m not giving in this time.”)

I’m Moving On And Kicking Ass Songs:

* One Way Ticket (Because I Can), LeAnn Rimes (“And I will fall in love again... because I can!”)

* Life Goes On, LeAnn Rimes (“Should've known better but I didn't, and I can't go back.”)

* The Remedy (I Won’t Worry), Jason Mraz (“I won’t worry my life away...”)

* I Will Survive, Gloria Gaynor or Cake (it’s mandatory, yo.)

* Out Of Reach, Gabrielle (“There’s a life out there for me.”)

* Suddenly, LeAnn Rimes (“Suddenly you’re in this fight alone...”)

* Don’t Turn Around, Ace of Base (“I’m letting you go...but I won’t let you know.”)

* The Sign, Ace of Base (I figured it out!)

While Waiting Around For The Next, I Mean Date Songs:

* Love Song For No One, John Mayer (self-explanatory)

* Why Can’t I Fall In Love, Ivan Neville (ditto)

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