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My Pants Were On Backward And I Did Not Notice

2021-03-03, 8:34 p.m.

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The most notable part of my day was not realizing that my pants were on backwards until about 11: 15 a.m. Beyond that, it was a pretty quiet day at work, thank goodness. Other than that, I have nothing to say about my life or day. I feel fine. Arm a bit twingy but NBD. Though now I keep wondering, "how much virus DO I have in my nose?!" I also finished Mom's birdhouse and put it out, but so far no birds. Maybe not if I'm just walking around outside?

This moment in Washington Post chat was just like yesterday: "My mother has started to believe everything she sees on TV. Well, not everything, but a disturbingly large amount of it. And I am not convinced she always hears what she says she hears. Last week she told me with absolute certainty that I would be able to get my vaccine soon because all 100 million of the Johnson & Johnson doses had already been manufactured and were ready to ship and she saw Dr. Fauci say so on MSNBC. Now, Dr. Fauci said no such thing. J&J has only managed to stockpile 4 million of the 100 million doses to be ready to ship."

Mom said, "I have such an enormous headache. I do no remember ever having one this bad. I almost feel sick to my stomach." Now I am freaking out. She got her first shot a few weeks ago but is still in the range.... She said she went to the bank and the grocery store last night. "Feeling better now but kind of have the chills now." Fuck. She said Roger is making dinner and I wanted to ask if she could smell/taste it..... okay, I did ask, she said she can do both. Well, there's that, at least. I'm kicking myself for ordering Scott and I masks and not even thinking to order any for Mom/Roger given their vaccination status being higher in the line. I told her this and she said she'd order her own. I also started looking up where she can get tested--at the fairgrounds in the next town.


Mom feels totally fine today, THANK GAWD. WHEW.

I told my coworkers about getting the shot. Huzzah.

The morning meeting: we had both a baby, and a cat blocking the camera. "At least it was face first." My boss declared, "You know, this morning has been fun. I love it." Also, "we're always having journeys in this office."

The Covid Slack channel at work has announced that (a) my county is now doing the Eventbrite ticket thing for vaccines, which of course was already sold out by the time it was posted, and (b) some others tried to get in at Kaiser and are on waitlists. Some others were being blocked by Kaiser for not having some kind of special code. At this point I'm glad I went elsewhere and am telling people to do same. I did have to mark off for my insurance if I got the vaccine elsewhere, so I did.

Mom called. She is fine. She has heard about Cuomo and is all "My ex-boss and I would have gotten so sued for sexual harassment now. I used to rub his shoulders...." Erm....I'll put it this way: no actual sexual attraction, both married, both very silly people not taking any of that seriously or unwantedly....such as that was.

I finished one of the robots last night and am on to the other one. I think I am going to do something like this on the birthday card this time. Also, his masks came in the mail, days early, so that's good.

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