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2004-03-04, 9:34 p.m.

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I haven't gotten much sleep this week, between the guests rotating in and out and the cat going into heat again. I don't get why when she's in heat she follows ME around specifically. She does not follow Heather around when she's in the apartment alone, oh no, it's just me that gets treated like a boycat. Not that I don't feel sorry for her mewling around and clearly going crazy, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP HUMPING MY LAPTOP KEYBOARD ALREADY! I've gotten to the point where I literally throw her off and she doesn't even care, she comes back for more.

Not to mention last night when the Yowling Stage officially started. I have been yawning and chugging the Pepsi for most of the day. Last time she hit Yowling Stage I had a three-day weekend and left the house, but it is not an option this time, dammit. I am zonked off my ass.

Anyway, today I went to the "Doing What You Love For A Living" seminar, which was cool beans. Though I must admit that I felt funny when I came in.

(a) I was the youngest in the room by at least a decade,

(b) I think I was the only one not married,

(c) Likewise, I was the only one without children, and

(d) With the exception of one other person (wearing navy) and the teacher (hot pink jacket), I was the only one not wearing brown. BROWN? When did this become popular? Meanwhile, I am wearing a screeching bluish-green sweater and matching black skirt with screeching bluish-green flowers on it.

And finally, (e) I ended up totally projecting myself as some kind of frigging prodigy. I didn't mean to, but the teacher was really into having you talk up your strengths and skills and give examples of what stuff you've done, so uh, it all came out. I think they were flabbergasted someone my age even came to this, though some folks including the teacher were impressed that I was starting this early. As it were. And I ended up babbling at great length about arts and crafts, while most others seemed to be "I don't really know what I'm going to do when I retire." One woman was from the temp pool and didn't really want to do much of any kind of job beyond part-time work, and of course she didn't have to. That kind of baffled me a bit.

This is not to say that people there weren't nice, because they were all cool. But I definitely felt a little funny when everyone else is really into their families and children. One chick (the one that was the most into mommydom as her identity and now she wants to do something for herself- good for her), when asked to write down what she'd do if she didn't have to work, at first didn't put anything more than to sleep and relax, mostly. (She had more goals than that, as it turned out, but I felt intimdated.) So naturally she's in the same group with me, Madame Overachiever, whose list was "I'd read and write and do crafts all day and do research and maybe start a webzine or something, I dunno, do all my hobbies full time?"

Anyway, it was interesting, I'd do it again. I got the idea while I was in there to try and dedicate actual time to make myself work on beading or the novel- as in, schedule it in instead of being all "I'm going to do it...oh, hey, look, there's Orkut crack!" and then read all night. I made up a spreadsheet of the free time hours I have to account for, then blocked out TV shows, classes, and the like. I may very well wait to work on bead stuff until everyone leaves the house, but at least I can work on the novel and such starting tonight. I'll try to cram in an hour or two a day on something(s).

I tried out my iPod today, and it rocked! I ran around town, jolting the thing, and it didn't skip or anything! So light, so free, so rocking! Such a treasure trove! Between that and finally winning an iTunes song today, I'm feeling like I'm in a better mood. (Let's see how long that lasts...)

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