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Gumbo Cast Party

2018-03-04, 10:48 p.m.

Gumbo party!

So we finally had the Gumbo cast party. I think maybe about half to two thirds of the cast came (we kept wondering where everyone else was). It was really good to get to see everyone again, everyone was very huggy. And the literal gumbo was very good.

We also got to watch a video of the show, the Saturday matinee. Apparently they did film all 3 shows, for whatever reason decided to pick the middle show to air. We asked about is there ANY way we can get a copy of this and got a no, because of copyright issues. Well, I didn't plan on slapping any of it on YouTube, I just wanted it for my own amusement... sigh. I thought about trying to film it while we were watching it, but figured (rightly) that most of it would be drowned out by the laughing, singing, and general snark that was going on. And that happened.
Notably, I think the middle show had the most distinctive flubups. One poor guy...well, let's just say I'm glad he got there late because everyone couldn't help but bust up at how off he was in one number. And then there was the infamous Deep Forest number, which was the most messed up when some folks came in early. What I didn't see at the time was, "I got hit in the face by the baton." So everyone kept an eye out for that and really laughed when they saw it.

I am going to miss these people. I hope I can run into some of them again sometime. I'll probably go see a bunch of them in Julius Caesar when that is open (I hear they are doing "Smooth Criminal" in it!), and well, hopefully there is next year's Gumbo. It sounds like the theme they might go with is "Artpop," which sounds REALLY fun and I hope they do it. That'd be awesome.

I want to audition over there again sometime... we'll see.

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