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2021-03-04, 8:37 p.m.

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Birth control shot day. My lovely shot nurse said I can get an actual appointment next time because they want to minimize walk-ins (finally!) and even though I've never met my new gynecologist, she got me a new prescription for the shot without insisting that I have an open sesame appointment first. (Normally, I don't mind, but these days, HECK NO, and also there is literally no reason for me to see a gynecologist. The parts are just not being used for that purpose.) So god bless that lady that I don't have to worry about getting the thing renewed any more. I also told the shot nurse that I got the first vaccine this week and she said to bring the card next time. I said, "oh, I put it in online yesterday!" and she was surprised and said she'd go check. So, whew, pain free experience there.

Fun discovery: can't read a book very well with my glasses and masks on, as it turns out. Weird kinda double vision experience trying to do that with all the facial apparatus on somehow. Sigh. I did a test when I got home and I can still read with the glasses on and no mask, at least. I was starting to worry.

Other than that, work was chill and pleasant, thank goodness. Still somewhat dull, but I am fine with that.

In other news, Hamilton tickets are now on sale as of today. I read the email and was all, "I do not know what to do here." When the news came out that they were going to do shows at Broadway Sacramento come the fall, at the time I thought I wasn't likely to be vaccinated before then and I should probably pass it up. But now, Mom and I are half vaccinated and will definitely be so before September.... and they said they'd give refunds... and "Broadway On Tour performances will resume only with the full approval of city, county and state officials, and only after appropriate safety protocols have been established," in a new theater with renovations.... but on the other hand, the variants, and will we actually be free to be around other people again by then, and oh, hell, I don't know....

I punted the decision and hit the forward button on to Mom, who texted a few hours later asking if I wanted her to get tickets. I said yes. So now we have tickets for mid-September. We shall see if it's safe enough to do that, I guess....

Tonight I took a workshop with Lisa at Capital Storytelling about getting ideas for stories, which I am totally in need of because shitola ain't happening 'round here lately.

Anyway, she had us do some math: add up your age times 8760 = the number of hours of life you've been alive and other than the parts where you're asleep, where you might have memories. Why do we remember what we do? The memories were emotionally salient, or they could be part of a life theme for you.

She had us come up with 4 memories from childhood, a really difficult moment from your life, a really happy moment in your life, and then pick one of those to work on and think of the following about it:

Write down specific details of the moment: location, who you were with, sensory details, what you were thinking.
Why does this moment stand out to you?
What are the things that led to that moment?
How did it end?
Why do I need to remember this moment?
What is important to me to remember about this moment?
Have I learned anything from this moment in my life?
Have I done anything differently in life because of this moment?
How do I think about and understand this moment, looking back?
How would I tell this story differently now?
I will note that one of my assigned buddies to tell the story to told me that she makes sculptures out of pipe cleaners doing meetings and puts them out on the table for everyone. I love this so much.

As for what story I did, I did this day at Daffodil Hill when I found out I got the callback. I normally have a 10 minute story about how the second Gumbo audition went (badly) and then I quickly sum up this bit without much detail at the end of it because everyone's always timing you for everything. This is a story under 5 minutes (3 minutes 40 seconds, even), so I can do it at shorter events. Such as the Story Slam coming up this weekend, which I promptly signed up for so I can get a critique. I'm not quite sure if it counts as an actual "story" or if it's more anecdote, but I'll get a judge's ruling from Lisa or Betsaida or whoever's hosting and see what they think.

Anyway, I am jazzed to have something to perform again!

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