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The Vanishing Act

2019-03-05, 11:13 p.m.

Today’s fun fact: we found in the computer system today a code for “men’s tiddlywinks” and “women’s tiddlywinks.” Like it’s a sport or something. Not only is TIDDLYWINKS a THING, it’s GENDERED?!?/! WTF?

Today’s GQ quotes: I didn’t directly write it down, but he said Homer Simpson is his role model, per the “kids and moneys” quote from earlier.

I helped 2nd in Command find where to buy a king cake yesterday (huzzah) and she brought some in today. Which is very cool, but...that’s really a pastry and not so much a cake. That was surprising.

I mentioned previously finding that a coworker left his retirement documents on the printer. I didn’t say anything (though I did talk to him yesterday, which was fun--he said it was nice I didn’t razz him about taking the elevator instead of the stairs) and I semi-seriously figured either he’d postpone the date since literally everyone else who was in that department within the last year has left, or they’d announce it or send around a card or SOMETHING.

But nope, his retiring supervisor was all “He retired, yesterday was his last day.” He never said a word after like 19-ish (at least) years here. Damn. That is both cold and rather typical of him because he was super quiet unless you got to know him. If you ever read “Don’t Care High,” which probably nobody but me has, he pulled a Mike Otis and simply disappeared without a warning, without a goodbye, and without a trace. (I cannot help but laugh at an empty photo gallery for this character, though.) So we are bummed. I didn’t tell anyone else I knew (and let’s face it, he wouldn’t have wanted me to) but I kind of wish I’d gotten him a card or something. Except again, don’t think he would have wanted me to. Dude didn’t even leave a contact e-mail like the other retirees do. He has vanished into the nothing, never to deal with the likes of us again.

Again, damn. The trainwreck continues. GQ e-mailed the temporary supervisor to offer his services, so let’s hope that works out. I also don’t think upper management even knew about this--it seemed awkward to ask 2IC to her face about this, but I asked if they had a game plan for THIS and she basically said no, so....

As for the rest of the night, I had another entertaining night at the Craft Center, where I worked on the Yarn Club mailing list and wrote up a newsletter about the costs of knitting. And we discussed the following:

* extremely long fanfics that are longer than any published book you ever read in your life
* some really strange white hippie guy obsessed with tea ceremonies and recycling who is otherwise possibly being disrespectful to Japanese culture
* how Trump should take up skee-ball at Chuck E. Cheese instead of golf. (This came up in someone’s homework...)
* some random girl who makes YouTube videos of slowly sticking her face into bread products. To quote one of the managers there, “I don’t know why I know so much about this woman.” I am reasonably assuming these are some kind of fetish videos because this woman is very, very, very slow to actually do the deed. It took four minutes of a 13 minute video for her to very slowly turn around and fondle a crossiant before sticking her face into it. Get to the money shot already, woman! After a while it’s like, “It’s still the same piece of bread?” The manager wants to know how this girl still has such nice skin after shoving her face into gooey croissants, donuts, etc. Good point. I figure she takes a few weeks off when the zits kick in.

I also started reading this book about finding friends as an adult, which has been very good, especially with making points about how sometimes you need to be the one to initiate AND especially that you may be very susceptible to talking yourself out of trying, which is how I am feeling these days. It was eerily accurate.

With regards to that professor, overall I have been feeling like this is something I am going to back off from. It wasn’t exactly like we had the sparking connection I thought we might have (I was weird), she’s hella busy/illness issues on top of that, and we really don’t have any life overlap, which is a huuuuuuge problem for friend development. I meet my friends either through mutual hobbies/classes or through other friends and since I’m not a student and I don’t think we have mutual friends*, I just don’t think it’s likely to fly. I was trying to be friends with Katie a few years back and we drifted off after our mutual hobby activities weren’t really going on after all. I kinda feel bad about that because uh, I just noticed recently that had happened and it’s been like a year and a half or something, but again, no life overlap and the mutual “friend” introduction didn’t really make it last either.

* unless one wants to play the degrees of separation game of “her office is next to Dr. Andy who’s buddies with “Uncle” Evan whose dad dates my mom” thing, which ... is nothing :P I seriously just typed this out because it sounds so ridiculous.

Anyway, this book that I read is trying to combat that. (Note: if Jackie was more into reading or would ever read a psych book, I’d probably tell her to get this one because she has so many issues with shitty friends she meets at work and could probably use it. But...unlikely.) And it was making me think. So even though I have let go of the idea really because practicality always wins in life and this whole thing is not practical, I did end up firing off a vague “hey, since I didn’t get into that show I mentioned, I have more free time should you have any for a movie” email tonight.

(Note: I am actually getting around to posting this entry several days later because I had to finish writing the book review, and I can say that she did not respond, I am not surprised, and my brain is now going to its usual places that it always does as mentioned in that book review link. I think in the end it makes my brain feel better to not be a psycho nag about things and putting burdens on someone who's got quite enough to deal with as is, so again, I think I'm just concluding to let it go despite the lessons of the book.)

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