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2021-03-05, 8:40 p.m.

WandaVision "The Series Finale."

Agatha: "I take power from the undeserving. It's kind of my thing." Then she crashes Wanda's Vision-y car into the house.

So apparently White Vision has no personality/soul/what have you? Then ImaginaryWorldVision comes back in. Agnes calls the "Missus and the Ex" trope out. Oh, and Monica is locked in the basement with "Pietro" playing his guitar. Oh yeah, and apparently Paul Bettany bragging about some guest star is really him against himself. *eye-roll* Hayward wants to cancel the show and substitute which Vision. of them looks obviously drastically different than the other one....

Agnes claims Wanda's destiny is to destroy the world, and she's all "I'm not a witch, I don't do spells." Since when? Oh, Dottie, I forgot all about her. She's not doing well. Having the townspeople gang up on her is...fitting. It is, of course,

Pietro's mancave, a place to chillax. He blends things. He's also an actor. "You're Ralph Boner?"

The townspeople are very sad and unhappy, Wanda is very confused and snaps. "Heroes don't torture people," Agnes points out. Wanda cracks the wall and tells everyone to go. The Visions fight. The trucks roll in. Agnes points out that her family will disappear if she takes the world down....and they do...and she closes it back again.

The family prepare to fight Hayward's bunch. "Boys, handle the military. Mommy will be right back." Monica takes care of the bullets shooting at the kids and apparently just lets them go through her, and then one of the kids takes care of them from behind. ' "Have fun in prison!" -Darcy.

Vision politely argues with himself that he's not real. "Is THAT the ship of Theseus?" ImaginaryVision downloads some data into the other one. "I am Vision," the white one says. Wanda magics Agnes back to Salem. "The difference between you and me is that you did this on purpose." Give me your power and everyone can live in peace without this pain, Agnes says. "Take it, II don't want it," Wanda says, throwing bolts around, including one at Vision. "This world will always be broken. Just. Like. YOU." Then uh....I'm not sure what happened here, but pitching a bunch of power at Agnes seems to have shorted hers out? Man, witch wars are confusing. Two giant....sorta runes....? are in the air. . Wanda poaches all the magic back instead.

Wanda plans to lock Agnes in here as the "nosy neighbor." "You have no idea what you've unleashed." Wanda magics her back to a TV character. "So it appears that our dream home has been reduced to a fixer-upper." Let's head home. The barrier shrinks down. "A family is forever. We could never truly leave each other even if we tried," Wanda says. She thanks the boys for choosing her to be their mom...whatever that means. The barrier comes down further.

"Wanda, I know we can't stay like this, but before I go...." "You are the piece of the Mind Stone that lives in me." He disappears. Wanda is back in the foundation again. She does a walk of shame through the townspeople and Monica is here. She is all, I'd bring my mom back, too. Wanda apologizes to Monica and says she doesn't understand her power, but she will. Wanda flies off before the cops come. Show's over with nine minutes to go.

Mid-credits: Jimmy takes charge. "Authority looks good on you, Jimmy." Where's Darcy? "Something about debriefs are for the weak?" Tyler is arrested. OH HI IT'S A SKRULL calling for Monica, an old friend of her mother's would like to meet. And Wanda's moved to a cabin in the mountains, while...I'm not sure what was going on with the rest of it.

I'm not sure what to make of it all. It's a good resolution for the WandaVision family, most of whom are nonexistent, but there's some things I would have liked to have been covered, and I totally wish Darcy had gotten more screen time than 15 seconds in the end.

Work birthday meeting today:
* After someone mentioned Eileen our employee, Randall grumbled that "Come On, Eileen" is now stuck in his head and he doesn't like it. "I'm gonna blast YMCA in your doorway," he said to the guilty culprit.
* Erik on the bad birthday singing: "It gets better every time." It does not! Erik also has a photo of himself up with no camera on and someone said, "I like how Erik doesn't move his lips, he's like a ventriloquist."
* Penguin Girl has signed up for flight school for her birthday and "I'm gonna fly a plane." We had the office birthday party for the last few months and Penguin Girl was the only birthday person actually AT it. That's...par for the course with us, really.

In other news, there was some minor drama over mailing stuff that got sorted out, and it turns out my mom got Hamilton tickets at uh....a time during which I am not allowed to be out of work, as it turns out. Thankfully, Mom got the tickets changed. WHEW.

Per my email, my HMO would now allow me to get a shot. A few days after I got my shot, NBC News told me I was eligible. MyTurn? Nothing :P

I left the birdhouse out last night and I think the squirrels had a good time--and also knocked it off into the bushes. Reggie fished it out and the roof broke off. I was all, well, I pretty much figured it was going to do that, it's an incredibly cheaply made thing. I need to go reglue it back on.

After work, I hung out with Reggie the neighbor, who is back at his place for the weekend after having a tiff with his wife and they ah, decided to cool off for the night. He didn't seem too fazed about it, other than he wasn't in the mood to drink beer alone. Since he is vaccinated with two shots and I'm half there and he gets tested at work twice a week (and I know this is dumb, but we both have O+ blood....), I actually let him come over and hang out on my patio area, including him bringing a chair over and I sat on one side while he sat on the other. Masks off, even. THIS SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT MY STATE OF MIND THESE DAYS to have not freaked the hell out about this. I'm not gonna say I didn't think about going to get one, but I didn't actually do it. HOPEFULLY that's not a bad thing...I guess....? I'm his only friend here, I guess, he said we had a connection right off. Heh heh heh. (Though not THAT kind, obviously!) HIs parents have gotten J&J vaccines this week, so I guess the Walgreen's lady was right :P

He said he's been over at the wife's house mostly but is going to be around here this weekend (presumably after cooling off, so shall his wife), so might see him again out later. The wedding went well, the picture was cute, he said the guy doing the ceremony talked a little weird. He's volunteering at the Pence Gallery and to do phone banking for the radio. He really has revamped his whole life in a year, which is amazing. I should take notes or something, but he's one of those 'If I think I can do it" people. They are having a house built in Woodland, which might finish this summer, he's not sure how to handle the lease situation. He said they didn't raise his rent either and he's somehow on a month to month(!) but doesn't know how long to renew for. I had to explain to him how leases work here, i.e. weird compared to the rest of the world.

On an amusing note, he doesn't think I'm weird. Then again, after we talked about my lack of dating life (he was horrified), maybe he does now :P But it was fun. Maybe we'll do it again if we're out at the same time. He is definitely on Team Find Someone Else Jennifer, which I obviously cannot argue with. Online dating worked for him, after all. He did say that the pandemic did escalate the relationship since they were quarantining together--they did meet right before it started and he said if that hadn't happened they'd be together, but probably not married this soon. He said I should go for it.

Yeah...I just can't seem to figure out the right balance of "go for it" vs. "don't freak him out," which is probably why I'm making him Morse code robots, for fuck's sake.

Tonight I watched "Alice in Wonderland," done by Neon Spark, who previously did Charlotte's Web. My thoughts:

* They are still doing the full body (mostly) technology, with some folks seated and some like the Cheshire Cat on the floor. I admit I was having a hard time recognizing people when they're so small on the screen--and I was actually watching full screen on the laptop. Green screening got weird on the Queen and looked like...gray screen...behind her? I get the feeling that some people are just flat out disappeared due to technical difficulties--they can be heard but not seen? I'm not super familiar with Alice in Wonderland, having not seen it in a long time, but is Alice supposed to be alone in the woods talking to whoever?
* I was all, "I think the Cheshire Cat is Stage Manager Sarah, I think that's her hair...I think that's Jett... I hear Riley's voice...." I'm delighted to see Paige as the Queen of Hearts. Is Jake the March hare? And I'm still stumped on who's playing Alice (Kallie?). How terrible is this that I can't tell who people are when I saw them online for weeks?
* They had cartoon backgrounds, multiple ones, so I think that went pretty well. They moved people down the table at one point, did a good job with that.
* "The video call ended because the connection was lost" popped up on screen for awhile at some point. I think someone's camera went out? At one point I could see the Google Meet screen. tech, as ever.
* I don't like the plot (such as it is) of Alice in Wonderland. I'm not even sure what is going on most of the time.
* Trinity and Jude were in it again, and others I don't know. Some of the folks I knew were doing stage crew-type stuff, apparently.

Now I am watching The Amber Ruffin Show. I will note that her sidekick Tariq has been out for a few weeks. Now he is back. Do we want to know why? Why don't you say something happy out loud and then show what actually happened in text a la silent movies, she says. So he's saying stuff like "I took some me time" and watched a lot of Amazon and took bubble baths, and then the screen shows "I had COVID." "An ambulance ride and a trip to the COVID ward." "It was quite literally hell."

Um, now I'm feeling guilty about hanging out with Reggie without masks now.

I'll note that after that revelation, Amber did this whole calming thing on the show, including remarks like a man saying "I don't mean to be racist" and then slipping on a banana peel. Probably needed that.

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