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Spring Has Sprung

2004-03-09, 10:53 p.m.

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Spring has finally sprung, and I'm delighted. Weather in the 70's! Heck, weather that's about to hit the 80's in March! Whee! No more heavy coats and umbrellas and 3 layers of clothing and wearing socks and hard shoes every day!

Combined with my new iPod, I'm actually excited to go outside.

I dearly love the iPod, and am glad I went with the size I got. It actually makes me want to go on long errand hikes. I'm trying to restrain myself to ONLY use it when I'm outside and/or traveling so I'll have something to look forward to during those times. It's hard to make myself stop using it when I get to work in the morning.

However, iPod + warm weather = no pockets to put the iPod into while I walk around. I can't wait to get my armband iPod holder this weekend. Putting it in smaller coat pockets or in a purse ends up with me bumping it and accidentally turning it off.

After going to the Do What You Love For A Living seminar, I was motivated to actually try to make myself work on either the novel or my beading for at least an hour a day. So far I've managed to squeeze in an hour on one or the other each day, so I'm pretty proud of myself. I finished some of my old projects and am back to working on Jess's necklace (since I finally found where I put it, oy). As for the novel, I've edited 60 of 100-something pages so far and made notes. (For more on that, you might want to check the novel page- nanowrimo and lurker are the username/password.) I didn't make it to the gym the way I was intending to this weekend (it would take me about an hour to walk there- kinda defeats the point of going there to exercise in a way), but I did also clean my room a bit and did the dishes, even if they got so covered in ants I'll have to do them again momentarily. Goddamned ants.

I forgot to mention this weekend that I went to Robotmedia this weekend. It's a showcase of short student films. This time's theme was "Vikings and Legos", so you know I had to show up for that. It was hilarious, with a few odd duds scattered in (note to programming students: watching someone else program is DULL. And whoever it is that hates F.A. Films, I really didn't need to see a Lego go up THAT in closeup, thanks.), but it made me wish I had Mom's video camera to have some fun like that again. (Too bad I hadn't known of this ahead of time and had a camera around, because I've got stuff that works with both themes!) There was some fun with Legos (one where humans played the minifigs, one with the ghost of a Lego minifig, a war with other figures, and an Indian in the Cupboard tribute), and some things that didn't have much to do with the theme. I could have gone around videotaping Jasmine's antics and made something that was still more plotted than some of these things.

Incidentally, Jasmine went out of heat right after I finished that entry, and has gone back to napping and paying me no special attention whatsoever. Yay.

Apparently there is a restaurant in town that's open till midnight most nights: The Old Teahouse. Heather got taken there by someone once and came home at 9:30 from work on Sunday wanting dinner, so we went there. It's some sort of Asian food, kind of odd but good in a way. I ordered this chicken, mushrooms and noodles dish and got a literal SLAB of chicken on top of noodles. Good, but hard to eat. Heather had a similar issue with her food, so we think we'll try something else next time. They also have very odd beverages that they stick tapioca balls into. I could deal with the balls, but you can't really "drink" the drinks when the tapioca balls keep getting sucked into the straw more than liquid. Which is a problem when one is eating hot food. At any rate, it's nice to know there's somewhere we can eat at after 9 p.m.!

And at any rate, Heather could use something to cheer her up. Her sister's visit left quite a swath of destruction- Heather got no work done, her sister somehow managed to attract some of Heather's crushes into hitting on her, sister also stuck her foot in it BIG time enough to screw with her social life, and also left Heather with a cold. Gack! However, all of this fun has led Heather to the conclusion that she doesn't want to live with Holly next year if she comes here, and she asked if I'd be willing to have her again next year. Yay!

We had an interesting discussion last night about how the both of us want to be the "breadwinner" types in our relationships and refuse to stay home and be domestic. Of course, that lead to uh, another problem entirely. "Next time I should find somebody who can actually fend for themselves with money instead of being unable to hold down a pizza job," as Heather put it. This then led into marital stuff and me saying that I really do think that God intended for me to be single and alone. Heather was all, "Why do people say that? Is it psychic power or negative thinking?" and I said well, I've had the strong feeling since second grade or so, I think it's psychic by now, plus I'm not even remotely Wife Material. Which led into stories about how liberal and nice her family is, and really sweet love-in-high-school stories of her family members that made me very jealous. Honestly, it's like her family is too good to be true to me. I cannot conceive of parents being so liberal and cool with everything, and Heather in return can't conceive of parents who'd make their kid go to a funeral. *shrug* Bad luck of the draw for her and good for me, I guess.

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