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Solo Drive to Woodland

2012-03-11, 9:14 p.m.

I haven't bothered to update driving adventures for awhile. Mostly because there haven't really been any for a few weeks. I haven't done much of anything. I've rented the car for an hour-ish on weeknights or during the lunch hour and done productive-ish things like drive to the bank to hit the ATM or go pick up takeout for volunteering night. Now admittedly I've been out of town about every other weekend of late hanging out with Jackie, so I didn't have weekend time free, but also... I've just kinda lost heart about the whole fucking driving thing. Every plan I had for working on moving this year has turned out to be impossible because I was stupid enough not to get credit at an early age. At this point I'm not remotely feeling comfortable with any of my options right now and I just want to quit it all. Whether that's right or not, I don't know, but I am pretty much having a giant case of the screaming meemies (mimis? fuck if I know) at making any changes any more. Maybe I tried to do too much at once and now I just shocked the hell out of myself.

But I have been feeling really reluctant to try to do anything new, such as driving out of town (accompanied or not). Hell, I have been forcing myself to do it for the last few weeks even for an hour, and every week I consider just...not fucking bothering altogether. If I'm not going to get a car or move or do anything different with my life after all, why fucking practice driving too? Why not just let it go? I'm feeling the way I have been about NaNo for the last few years--forcing myself to keep going when I don't really want to. I feel like any week now I'm just going to be all "fuck this" and not bother. Pretty soon now.

But...this week I did force myself to book driving time on the weekend. I planned a trip to Joann's in Woodland alone, mostly because (a) I sorta kinda know where that is, and (b) most of the stuff to go to in Woodland, including the Joann's, is located on their one main street. I couldn't get a car on Saturday, i.e. when most things in that town are actually open, but eh, whatever...I booked 3 hours and figured I could hit a Goodwill if I had the spare time. And the nice thing about going to the Joann's is that going there, you only spend a few minutes on the freeway before you hit country roads. So that was nice. Also, there was hardly anyone around on a Sunday morning on the freeway, so it didn't freak me out. I managed to find the place without stress, huzzah, and then spent about an hour and a half picking out fabric. I then made a brief tour of the nearby Hallmark and went to Raleys's for lunch and a few strange items--had no idea you can buy mudslides in pre-made bottles these days. Then I drove back. The drive back was longer on the freeway, but still quiet. Hell, my GPS even actually worked. So, I've got one successful, no-crying, no-raiding-the-mudslides trip alone out of town down. There is that. Huzzah!

I kind of want to go to a VW Beetle show happening in Sacramento next weekend, but... Sacramento. Nobody else I know is into them like I am, so that might have to be a case where I have to go alone again....*gulp.* Sacramento freeway exits scare the shit out of me alone...I guess we'll see.

Back to the crafting, I bought fabric to design my own pair of leggings, and found this pre-made fabric to make one of these shirred dresses, except the pain in the ass shirring part was already done! Coincidentally, it used the same fabric as my corset in the skirt. Except somehow that fabric was really see-through. The store still had the original fabric bolt that I'd used for that project, so I bought enough to make a skirt to go under it. Later, I found enough lining fabric in my stash at the CC to line both the skirt and dress. I finished the skirt by the end of closing time with lining, but still need to put the lining in the dress.

I even went to the gym and hit weightlifting class after that. Since I bailed out of every class at the gym this week--and I haven't been going to Sunday weightlifting class pretty much all winter-- that's doing darned good. Of course, it probably helped that Daylight Savings Time came back today and I am much more motivated to go to the gym when I'm not making all or most of the trip over there when it's freaking dark-- plus the part where I was on campus already had to help.

Between that, the CC having a fondue party on Friday and hanging out with a new friend on Sunday, it's been a very nice weekend. I even saw John Carter (friend's idea) and it wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be. Rather amusing, really. Go figure.

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