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Texas Storytelling Festival, Day 2

2021-03-12, 9:17 p.m.

I didn't sleep too well last night--up in the middle of the night for no reason. Same happened to my coworkers.
My mom is insisting on going in person to her dead manager's funeral. groan
Quote from someone today: "No one's trying to murder him in his sleep again."
I am being forced to answer the phone lines again. FUCKING KILL ME NOW, PLEASE. JUST KILL ME, I CAN'T TAKE THE GODDAMNED PHONES AGAIN.
I ordered more chocolate wine. Like an entire case because looks like I'm gonna need to get drunk every day again.
What a fucking day.
I did text Scott a happy birthday and sent him a pic of a Freddie Mercury cake. He said he was going to his grandparents' house, not that there's much else to do these days, they did get vaccinated. I do like how his family actually seems to want to hang out with each other. That sounds nice. Apparently they've still been seeing his grandparents all pandemic....well, anyway.

And that's it for talking to him indefinitely, I think. Well, my day sucked, I hope his didn't.

Texas Storytelling Festival tonight:
* Heather Forest doing Tam Lin and Rapunzel
* Donna Washington: "Inevitably, I get in trouble." TELL ME ABOUT IT, DONNA. 'I'm a grownup, if I want to buy a pregnancy test, I should be allowed!" She's mad at her husband at the time for getting mad at her for spending $40 on test, so "I'm not going to tell him!" like he's not going to find out? 'I slam the pregnancy test down in front of him and leave the room!" She then told the "What do women want? Their way" story.
* (Eth-Noh-Tec were also on, but I was texting and uh, didn't take notes.)
* Sam Payne told a story about being cast as Cable in South Pacific and everyone had been assigned an understudy role in addition to their principal role. Nobody pays any attention to this (especially since it was gonna be cast musical chairs if they did that), and then Emile comes down with polyps....uh-oh... While Emile ends up being fine, the director decides to force everyone to play their understudy parts in the matinee....the fuck?! "Those coconuts went to the floor! And suddenly, it was that kind of show!" "At least I got to wear the coconuts ONE TIME." Sam's was really fun, it made me miss plays, yet again.

The later show was "Texas Stories," I think that translates into "liar's contest" stuff. I can't really explain how sometimes I can actually be trying to listen to something and I hear the words being said and sometimes I remember one of them or other, but my brain was mostly wanting to just vacate the premises through a lot of this, sigh. I think one story was about a guy shooting off a cannon, another one was about wrapping packages at a store and being fired after one day, and I think the third one involved Scott Joplin, but fuck if I know more than that. Sigh. The last two involved...war stories, I think? I swear I tried to focus, but I really only mentally absorbed one of 'em.

Shayne Larango tells stories about Spangler, Texas (I assume she makes this up) and she told a story about Covid hitting the town and her "friend" Ginger Pearl can only stay inside for so long and starts cooking up food to hand out. (I'm amused after last night she has to spell out that Ginger Pearl likes feeding people, not eating them.) I appreciate that she spells out that Ginger Pearl masked up and followed kitchen safety procedures for takeout...and then one day she wakes up with a sore throat. The test won't come back for days, but all that food has to be thrown out anyway. The guy charged with throwing it away still hands it out to people, albeit warning them that the food might be infected. Then they all have to get tested. Everyone comes out okay, and they throw a public BBQ with masks on. That's a nice fantasy for Texas.

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