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Outdoor Sports Continue

2020-03-13, 9:35 p.m.

Oh great, now I’m fucking writing coronavirus diaries.

No major announcements at my job today for the entire organization, anyway. Hell, they put trivial shit on Twitter. Though they did hand out free food today and there was a long line for that and I don’t think anyone was six feet separated from each other on that one.

I did, however, see the following activities going on outside:
(a) Volleyball
(b) Slacklining (walking a tightrope that you set up between two trees)
(c) Games of catch (on the one hand, great distance! on the other hand, touching the same object!)
(d) Misc. other sports going on on the nearest sports field (see above)
(e) Picnics in which people were sitting together in very close groups
(f) The nearest frat house to work was having a giant party out on the lawn, in which bros were touching and generally being close to one another.

I walked by the restaurant across the street from work and today nobody was sitting outside (though to be fair it was a bit windy and I tried to sit outside for like 30 seconds and didn’t wanna either), but there were some tables inside still full, like regular tables.

They did cancel public school in this town until April 12.

Oh, and I just saw this one: they confirmed a second case in this county: someone who is over 60, acquired it through travel and this is not a community-acquired case. Though seriously, I guess they’d better start checking my coworkers and the frat boys across the street.

The news at my job:

(a) We were approved to borrow another office’s sealed window for public service on Monday, so we no longer have to deal with walk-ins walking in.

(b) Two of my coworkers are now out sick. Well, we were told one of them was out sick “working from home, just in case” (she seemed fine yesterday...I talked to her...) and then the coworker who was supposed to be working from home today called in for the afternoon meeting and she coughed at one point and mentioned what happens when you call Kaiser. Supposedly she plans to be back next week. She seemed kinda low-energy and her hair was kinda off in the “I didn’t leave the house, why bother to shower” sorta way (no judging, it’s that kind of day), but until the coughing I just assumed it was just well, how this fucking week is going + working from home.

Thanks, grandboss, if this is your doing with your jaunt to Washington. Just saying.

I spent the day keying tedious yet complicated things, which was at least quiet. And trying to break Tigress out of asking people what their plans were for the weekend (“Nothing! We can’t do ANYTHING!” I am so annoyed at having to be in house jail again.) Also, we had to have various tedious debates about people changing their life plans due to program cancellations. And one obnoxious person is nagging everybody about his various problems preventing him from fulfilling his requirements and when will whoever take care of them (note: as far as I can tell, he hasn’t been given permission to do what he wants with this so we can’t do shit), and I just wanted to write back, “Dude, you think you’re actually going to finish?!?! NOBODY’S GOING TO FUCKING FINISH.”

Also, one of my hippie-r coworkers told me about how ladies making “moon water” had their moon water come out all bad ‘n purple ‘n stuff and there’s bad energy out there. I haven’t the faintest what “moon water” is (water that’s exposed to the moon? I guess?), or what the heck any of this whole story is, but I think “bad energy out there” is a slam dunk assessment for all.

Personal news: Meg is sick and has a fever of 99. She’s 69 years old.

I think we’re going to have to institute “proof of life checks” with people to see if anyone’s not responding and thus dead. I mean, odds are I would hear from another of Meg’s relatives if she dies because I’m pretty sure at least Stephen and Ian have my number, but if I die, genuinely nobody is going to know until three weeks when the smell drifts into the hallway. Will have to bring this up to Mom. And/or maybe group karaoke text or something.

I tried to talk Dawn into moving the peacock party up to this weekend (which I had kept open if Scott did anything birthdayish...yeah, no, can’t) and she was all, “But I put it in the calendar for next weekend.” I said that for all I know we may not be permitted to leave our homes at all by next weekend. She didn’t respond to that. I should probably also note that she was taking the week off after the 22nd to go on an anniversary trip...well, I guess not that now.

We still had our Yarn Club meeting today since we only had three show up and attempted to sit far apart from each other, though then I had to borrow someone’s scissors and felt bad about it. I found a plastic bag in the packing stuff lying around and handed them back in that. We debated whether or not to cancel in the future, but given the small attendance we have already, table space, etc., I guess we’ll see. It was fun, though. I am amused that Yemi is against hand sanitizer because of the feel. I am more concerned that Mary said that she’s 68 years old (you wouldn’t guess, she dresses about as crazy as I do and has brightly colored hair) and does not want to hear everyone go on about how everyone over 60 is going to die, thanks. I’ve known her since I was in college and she was my TA, so I guessed she was older, but not THAT older.

For the last two days my throat has off and on felt slightly different. Not painful, not sore, just like, the pH is slightly different in one spot after I head outside and am out in the cold walking to work. Even though it’s gone away with drinking/eating ice cream (I got like 4 fucking cases of ice cream yesterday in more paranoia), I keep wondering. Like right now I’m totally fine and seems to just happen while at work, but you wonder, don’t you? A guy on the Internet offered to send me a thermometer. I said yes even though I almost said no, give that to someone else who’s actually sick.

I kept checking the Winters theater page to see if they canceled the play or not. So far no updates at all. I kept hoping they would so I would not feel tempted to go, or guilty for not going. I want to go, but... Most of my email is cancellations from various theaters or other things, though one of them defiantly said the show will still go on because they are able to limit the number of tickets to keep everyone six feet apart, are cleaning, etc. Later (after not going) I thought to check Bev’s blog and she said that she was supposed to go to that show and “the Winters theater figures their audience is so small it’s not a problem.” Um....maybe? I'm really not sure on that one these days.

Oh, and I found another paper heart today. So despite everything, the finding of hearts is still going on. Hmmmm.

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