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2011-03-14, 4:32 p.m.

So, the latest on Mom and her boy drama:
(a) She is now talking to Internet Boyfriend about 1-2 times a week (per mode of communication). I guess he is busy, plus going on vacation this next week or something. So...while the guy has not gone away, the boy attention is on slow.


(b) "Could you call Mauricio and see how he's doing?"
"No, Mom, I deleted his phone number already." (I am no longer saving the numbers of people who I will never hear from again. Really, is there a point?)
"Could you e-mail him, then?"
"Mom, once you cut him off, you pretty much made it awkward for me to speak to him ever again."
"You can avoid talking about me."
"Yeah, right. Not possible. Elephant in the room. And who says he wants to hear from me anyway once you dumped him?"
"Seriously, Mom, when you cut someone off, it's like they're dead to you. You can't go back and poke them to see how they're doing. Also, it's only going to get his hopes up. Like (certain people over the years) do to me, I think they're coming back because they talked to me nicely, and then nothing comes of it. Don't do that to him. You wanted to cut him off, and that means you'll never get to hear what happened to him again. Unless you go on Facebook, anyway."
"Is he on Facebook with you?"
"I don't remember, but I'm refusing to check anyway. Like I need to see all of my ex-friends on there? No."
She got kind of mopey at this, which led me to say, "Didn't you tell me you WANTED to cut him off?"
"... No.... I just wanted to change the nature of our relationship."
"Mom. This is why I told you to THINK IT OVER before you took a step like that. Once you cut someone off, it's over. If you didn't want it to be THAT final, you should have said so instead of telling him you were "moving on."
"...Well, I just didn't want to have to buy him a birthday present!"
"Then fine, don't buy him one, but DON'T DUMP HIS ASS ON HIS BIRTHDAY EITHER."

Mom also said that her friend Pat (who, oddly enough, disliked M and vice versa. I think they both wanted to be number one there or something?) thought it was dumb to cut him off in favor of the new guy, because what if it doesn't work out with new guy? Good point. Sounds like Mom's already regretting it. Or her phone is too quiet. Or something.

Now I'm quietly thinking, by what day this week will she have caved in and called M to take him back? I'm thinking Wednesday, unless boyfriend suddenly gives her more attention while on the road.


Other than that, nothing much went on all weekend. I enjoyed the sunshine outside on Saturday, stayed in when it was raining (except for having to hit the grocery store, of course it rained the second I left the house) on Sunday. That seems to happen fairly often on weekends in winter: you get one good Saturday and then clearly God wants you to stay inside. I also started watching The Vampire Diaries, since there seems to be a lot of hype about them. I attempted to watch the first episode, was so bored I didn't bother to finish, and then wandered off back in the day. Plus I didn't want to watch yet ANOTHER CW show, because if you can't be home to watch them live, it is a real pain in the ass to catch the show. Their player is TERRIBLE and god only knows when they will show the latest episode or for how long. (And the last time I watched Supernatural on there, every time they had a commercial break, it switched me to watching some other episode. WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT.) Sometimes I'll uh, look on sites that make me feel like I'm going to give my computer an STD to catch up rather than use their shit player. As you can see, I already watch Supernatural, but I did not want to add something else to the list. Also, I had zero interest in the book series (amusingly enough, watching the DVD extras, sounds like the TV show makers don't like Elena in the book).

Okay, fine, I had to give in. It is good. I didn't think the plots were the world's most original at first, but eventually it sucked me in and got more interesting. The acting is actually very good, and most of the time the characters aren't totally doing dumb shit, or if they are, it's not out of character (example: Damon has almost no impulse control). The lead girl, Elena, is smart, pragmatic, takes no crap. Love her. Her boyfriend Stefan is genuinely nice and caring, but not a total idiot, except for being conflicted about his brother. And damn, Damon... Ian Somerhalder is an excellent actor. For those who whined about Spike becoming less badass back in the day, Damon continues to walk a fine, fine line between godawful evil monster and having moments of less douchiness or even niceness... before doing yet another spontaneous killing just for kicks or to piss someone off. He's freaking brilliant at it. Even though this guy should have been killed off by somebody fed up with him about fifteen times over by now, you can't get rid of him because he's so good. Go figure. Oh yeah, and once in a while they make fun of Twilight, so I approve.

Even though they are going to the "oh great, another werewolf vampire war thing, everyone does that" place where I left off (I am now braving the squicky STD sites to see season 2, alas), so far they seem to be handling it in an interesting manner. And hoo boy, the Katherine doppelganger thing? Whoa.

So that's your DVD rental recommendation for the day.

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