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Zootopia and Deadpool

2016-03-14, 9:05 p.m.

So today was interesting. I called in sick to work (the last day I could get away with doing that--after that a coworker is on vacation and I cannot be out after that) and went back to sleep, which was marvelous because I didn't sleep for shit all night and then felt a lot better.

By the time I was finally up like three hours later, I actually had the time and energy to get some shit done, like mail some packages and get my car headlights fixed. My continuing search for places to replace my previous mechanic in town actually went well today. The first place I went to said he couldn't fix it today but the place down the street probably already had the parts on hand, so I went down there and they had it fixed in a few hours! What was the problem? The guy at O'Reilly put the light in upside down.

Note to self: do not get people at O'Reilly to install anything. On the other hand, how the hell am I gonna get anything small and petty put in right?

For the record, here's the things I've been told about the headlight:

(a) the headlight is fine, the wires are melting (Jiffy Lube)
(b) I told the guy at place #2 the wires are melting bit, he looked at it and said he could order the parts to fix the wires and do it tomorrow.
(c) The third place I went to said the light was in upside down, nothing was melted quite yet.

What the hell am I supposed to believe, folks? I'd like to know.

In other news, after all of this was resolved, I saw a movie, had some ice cream and went to knitting group, which celebrated Pi Day with FIVE pies. It got funnier and funnier when more and more pies came in.

As for the movie watching: yesterday I saw Zootopia with Mom and today I saw Deadpool with two random old people who didn't laugh once and made me wonder why the heck they saw it. Let's do some drastically different short reviews!

Zootopia: This takes place in a world where mammals have evolved to be sentient instead of humans. This includes, apparently, dietary evolvement because predators aren't eating prey any more. But naturally there's some social issues with that. Our heroine (and yay, it's a heroine) is Judy Hopps, a rabbit who is bound and determined to become a police officer. She is excellent at outsmarting everyone, bouncing off walls, and getting a rhino to punch itself in the face. However, her reward for that is to be assigned to meter maid duty. Judy is all, "I'll write 200 tickets by lunch!" (and does it, that's the one time you ever root for a meter maid), but clearly she needs more scope for her talents, like the 14 missing predators that have disappeared in the city.

Judy voluntarily takes on searching for a missing otter and in the process, discovers the missing people AND that something has happened to them to revert them to a feral state. Her partner on this is Nick Wilde, a con artist/popsicle salesman that briefly scams Judy, but when she realizes he was an eyewitness, uses him to help her track everyone down. However, it's a bigger conspiracy...and I'll stop there, but I thought it was pretty well done and cool. Definitely has some interesting racial comparisons going on all over the place that make you think about how things work in our world--should the prey animals fear the predators (kinda yeah in this case), do we want to live in fear or not, is it okay to call a bunny "cute" or pet a sheep's head. Good stuff.

Deadpool: This is an utterly foulmouthed bloody movie, but it has plenty of snark so I'm down with that. For the opening credits alone, dayenu, because they have complete honesty about how the movie stars a CGI character, has a hot chick, gratuitous cameo, surly teen, etc. Anyway, the plot involves a former military man/merc dude named Wade who comes down with a case of cancer and gets recruited for some secret superhero cure for cancer. This turns out to be (a) injecting him with some kind of mutant serum--BECAUSE THIS IS ALSO AN X-MEN MOVIE OF SOME SORT--and then traumatizing and torturing Wade until he mutates. The head torturer is a guy called Ajax who feels no pain (but apparently gets off on watching others'), but his real name is Francis and Wade throws that in his face a lot.

Wade eventually mutates into a guy with Wolverine healing factor (at one point he ah, spoils 127 Hours), but his skin looks very funky weird and kinda like he was in a fire after that. Don't ask me why a guy who can grow back his own hand can't heal his own skin condition, because that makes no sense. Also making no sense is Francis claiming he could heal Wade's skin if he wanted to (again, how plausible is this?), but it sends Wade off on a mission to track down Francis and get this shit fixed so Wade can reunite with his girlfriend without looking gross. (Girlfriend, for the record, turns out to be able to deal with it. And she's also quite dirty and funny and cool.)

There's lots of gory death going on, and a few X-Men (Colossus and uh.... Negasonic Teenage Warhead) being recruited to help when the girlfriend gets kidnapped by Francis. Overall I got a kick out of it--I appreciate shows being different and this kind of reminds me of a darker and deadlier Limitless the TV show--but it is not for everyone, by all means. But hey, I'm amazed that got made at all.

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