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Fieldwork to Artwork

2019-03-15, 8:31 p.m.

Today was the quarterly CC party, but this time it seemed to have more than one party going on at once. I walked in and found out that they were having a 2 hour long popup gallery show. The show was for a "Fieldwork to Artwork" freshman seminar class that had gone on during the quarter and the works in it were what the students had done after going to the McLaughlin Natural Reserve for a weekend retreat. I had not heard of this location before, but the students came up with some very cool natural art. I really liked one painting that appeared to have a marbleized landscape and then had a tree out of bark on top of it, and another lovely painting. There was a picture ceiling hanging, a light up rain cloud-ish hanging, a "reach in and touch the nature" box, a piece where you were supposed to rip different layers into it, a slideshow of the trip, and two girls doing dances in the arboretum.

The one thing I was really not into was this ah...experiential art piece in which this girl was wearing next to nothing (basically a binder, panties, and blindfold) and then proceeded to writhe on the floor for two hours getting herself covered in slime and tree bark on the floor outside. Apparently this was to deal with her body issues. The whole thing made me feel very sad every time I looked out at her and I really just wanted to be all, "Someone get this girl a blanket, a hug, and a hot drink, not to mention a shower." I have no idea how the poor girl was gonna go home that messed up afterwards. I think that kind of art is just not for me, though I'm not sure who that art is for. It's probably all for the best she did this blindfolded, I think.

I think I have another professor crush, y'all. Or apparently the word these days for platonic crushing is a "squish." One of the professors teaching this seminar had the most interesting outfit in the joint--much more interesting than mine today, as I was wearing this quarter's CC t-shirt (features Medusa with snakes holding craft objects) and matching pants, SO DULL AND I AM SO ASHAMED. She had on star leggings, a cute colorful dress, butterfly tattoo, gorgeous long red hair. She's a design professor, of course, but came along after I graduated. She sounded very intrigued by the CC, so I took her around on tour and gave her the class schedule and she said she was very interested in taking classes. I hope she does, I really liked her and would love a reason to see her around more often. Lord knows if you're going to get to know anyone, you need a reason to hang out...So I hope she does sign up and I see her around. That'd be nice!

(I also thought, "I wonder if she knows the other professor, they seem like they'd get on and they seem to be working on the same campus book project stuff...." And then was all, "Leave it be, Jen, we are moving on from that and not dwelling on something that's not realistically attainable under the circumstances.")

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