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What's Closed, What's Open

2020-03-15, 10:16 p.m.

Instead of heading to Barnes and Noble to see if I wanted to read a book on “Designing Your Work Life” by flipping through it first (no library ebook option either), I caved and ordered it online. Not sure if any of that is doable for me given my life situation, which is why I wanted to flip through it first, but...fine, I spent $50 to help even a chain bookstore. And I ordered a card deck online to supposedly be shipped in May...yeah, we’ll see.

Closures: various storytelling things, and...

”Faced with mounting coronavirus infections, California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday issued sweeping new restrictions in California, calling for home isolation of everyone in the state over age 65 and people with chronic disease, both high-risk populations.He also asked for closure of bars, wineries, night clubs and brew pubs, and called for restaurants to reduce their occupancy by half.”

So there goes karaoke. And (Karaoke) Jim was so looking forward to doing St. Patrick’s Day, too.

Non-closures: the Craft Center says they are remaining open since campus is still open, they just asked if anyone was going home/wanted to quit volunteering and let them know. Um....seriously? This is still going to be allowed? Because it seems like we’ve just gone past the point of “everyone keep six feet apart and you can still do some things” to this hellscape.

I’m on the yarn shop mailing list and she wrote to say that they are still open, still offering classes (leaving it up to the instructors as to whether or not to cancel), sanitizing, etc. and saying that they will not close unless it’s mandated because if they’re not open, nobody gets paid, and you can buy stuff online. Well, hopefully that happens at least. It sucks that they’re going to have this shit go on and they still have to move stores next month. I don’t even know what to say to that.

Today’s insensitive email: I’m on a tarot mailing list and it started out with “What an amazing week!”...and then started going on about some workshop she did, and she’s going to some challenge.... Why this was even more WTF-insensitive was that today’s tarot card was “The Tower Reversed.” Not a damn thing said about how this week Towered everyone, nothing. When the hell did she write this damn email? And she’s in Australia, they do have it there.

Though by the end of the night, she sent another e-mail about the crisis, but finished off by saying that she was still going to do “business as usual.” I’m feeling rather annoyed at anyone who says that to me, because for fuck’s sake, nothing here is usual any more, especially business.

Meg: still alive, spinning yarn compulsively, seems cheerful about it, is going to self-quarantine. Mom: no response to “everyone who’s over 65 should self-quarantine” other than “thank you for your concern, we’re both fine.”

I got up the nerve to email the theater crowd (or at least the ones who have been textually chatty in the past) to ask if they want in on a group text check-in to make sure everyone’s alive/okay/whatever since we won’t be seeing each other for ...quite some time. If they want to ignore the email, fine, I’ll leave them alone. Scott was the first to say he was in :) followed by (Theater) Jim. So far no other responses, but it is a weekend. Jim is apparently bored at home but bonding with his cat.

I went through the house and noticed stuff like I’m out of fancy toothbrush heads after 3 months, and have half a jar of peanut butter, and I didn’t buy any bread to freeze or lunch fixins (since I will still have to go to work in public), so should I go outside to get more of anything, or not? Is it already Too Bad And Too Late, or not? I’m looking into a Target order for the damn toothbrush heads since those things are now locked up in all stores and would require a human to unlock them for me...sigh.

I also went through the cabinets and found that I am generally stocked for cleaning supplies, though I was disappointed to find one extra Clorox wipes container...that had accidentally been slightly left open and they were all dried out. Dammit. In the end, I decided not to go out and just MacGyver some lunches, even if Tigress will disapprove. She likes to nitpick stuff, like “What you having for lunch?” (she kind of talks with a Southern accent for a Californian?) and I’ll be all “salad again” usually, but I doubt she’ll like that I’ll be all “yeah, here’s some microwave ramen dishes I had in the house since I forgot to get fresh food days earlier than I normally buy it” this week.

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