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Backs, Dirty Signs, Fires, and Food

2003-05-16, 7:36 p.m.

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(Note: I'd write an entry for this weekend, but it'd pretty much say, "Dude, Matrix rules! Spoilers aplenty!", and I can do that on the weblog where I can hide them and people don't bitch at me. So here's one I did Friday and didn't get to post before I left.)

So, I've been gone for the past two days, having all sorts of fun...well, not.

I don't know what I did, but I woke up on Wednesday morning and couldn't seem to manage to get my ass moving and dressed. This turned out to be caused by, oh joy, throwing my back out of whack at some point in the middle of the night. For those of you who remember last year when I ended up screaming and crying when Scott did the popping of my back (sadly, I totally don't remember what entry this was), same damn thing again. Eeeeek. So I stayed home from work for a few days because I couldn't stay upright at the computer for more than an hour or two. Ice, however, has worked wonders, as does Advil.

I felt better by later Thursday, enough to go to ASL class. Which was amusing, as we learned the signs for fart and diarrhea. Yes, really. Apparently it's okay to be blunt in ASL. Oy. And here I was hoping I'd never need to know how to sign diarrhea.

I also know how to sign horny, incidentally, which er, should be more useful. At least, I'd certainly hope. ;)

It's been a fun day for people, it seems. Various other folks having medical problems, fires, fights, etc., etc... oy vey.

I went and donated a gift certificate to Al and Chris, even though I certainly do not claim to know either of them very well beyond being entertained by their Internet hijinks. I also finally donated a book to Pamie's library fundraiser thingie.

This whole me doing donating thing astonishes me, especially since I am the most selfish, bitchy, "I'm buying stuff for ME" whore there ever is usually. I feel like Cher in Clueless when Ms. Geist announces the beach disaster and Cher, out of the blue, goes "I wanna help."

What is this with me? Some kind of social conscience? Weird.

Still glad I did it, though, even though I've been "NO MORE SPENDING UNLESS YOU HAVE TO! NOTHING THAT'S NOT TICKETS OR FOOD!" of late.

Here's another reason why budget cuts suck:

We have one janitor for the entire 5-story building. So trash is, as far as I can tell, usually taken out Wednesday and Friday nights. (Albeit mine hasn't been taken out all week upon returning to work, as far as I can tell.)

Now, I brought some leftover Mexican to work today, but was severely not hungry during lunch. However, since it was a Friday and I was going out of town, I couldn't save it anywhere, so it had to be dumped. There is one trash can big enough in the office to do this in, it's supposedly where you are supposed to dump food.

I waited until no one was likely to be around, then snuck over to do the dump. And wouldn't you know it, upon my arrival:

(a) The trash was nearly full to the brim with boxes for some reason. Okay, fine, I guess I'll work around it, I dump the Mexican food in one of the boxes.

The SECOND I do that, wouldn't you know it that:

(b) someone comes up WANTING TO GO THROUGH THE TRASH AND TAKE THE BOXES BACK. "Never mind, I'll take just one."

Then a few minutes later:

(c) I get a talking-to about how I shouldn't throw food out there because "the trash only gets taken out every three days" and it would have been there until Monday.


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