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2009-03-16, 1:34 p.m.

Stuff to mention today:

1. I hate party planning. More specifically, I hate trying to find a location to hold a party next weekend. I am not thrilled at where we ended up, especially since it'll be outdoors all night (I really wanted some indoor access at some point during the festivities, but nooooooo) and it's predicted to rain on the day of at the moment, but...*sigh* See, this is why I hate that kind of thing. This particular party had to be held on a certain date, and we're kinda low on non-students who have finals on that day to plan it (so roughly, 3-4 people) so I kind of have to by default. But still, argh.

Can I be a snothead about other people's finals for a second? I have very little ability to sit still and study (probably about an hour before I started to go berserk, go ADD!), so finals period for me was about an hour of studying the day before whatever exam was up tomorrow, finishing up papers/projects, and otherwise well, fucking off. I am totally baffled at all these people who do NOTHING BUT STUDY 24-7 FOR A WEEK and cannot think of ANYTHING ELSE BUT.

2. I have managed to go through my entire larger collection of vacation photos from Disneyworld (the 5 gig card) and Photoshopped them. I am still uploading Magic Kingdom photos, but two other albums, Universal (we went to the shopping area for a night) and Kennedy Space Center are posted. No commentary, but eh, I don't remember enough at this point to explain the rockets anyway.

I still have my original memory card to go through from the first few days of the trip to upload, but at least that's 1 gig of photos rather than 5. I feel like I have finally accomplished something rather than have hundreds of photos clogging up the laptop memory. (Now I can upload them and move the files to my spare drive.) So, huzzah for accomplishment in March! And not having that hang over my head so much.

3. I have not, however, studied for the driver test. Yeah, right, like I'm going to do that. I really should since I have to replace my ID soonish. But with all my heart and soul, I don't want to. I feel like it's a jinx to do it...and I don't want the legal ability to move out of the parking lot and out into the road with real cars either.

4. In further "I don't wanna" news, I don't want to teach beginning sewing over the summer. It's a huge time commitment that I don't get paid for, I'm not entirely sure I can teach anyone who has no idea where to begin very well, and...I don't wanna. But there is apparently NO ONE ELSE AROUND to do it all summer. And I will feel guilty and evil if I don't do it and NOBODY ELSE can. Especially since sewing is one of those classes that always runs and has tons of people sign up and god knows the CC can use the summer revenue. Sigh. I can't justify "I don't wanna" to myself at all in that situation.

5. Though on the good side, I finished making my own shrug out of my own yarn. That's quite awesome.

I probably shouldn't go buy more roving due to dental bills, but...yeah, I probably will, since there's no spinning class in spring quarter and everyone is all, "yay, I can use the wheels whenever I want!"

6. The "How To Force Myself To Be An Entrepreneur" Weekend Reading Series (see previous entry) continues.

The books I am reading are:
* Do It! Let's Get Off Our Buts
* Personal Development for Smart People
* Practical Idealists: Changing The World And Getting Paid.

The latter is a little odd for me considering that I am not inclined towards world-saving public service, but while flipping through it in the store, it had some surprisingly practical bits on how to deal with finances.

I'm not sure about Do It!. It seems to be one of those books that seems really profound while you are reading it, and you go through and bookmark the Important Things, and then when you flip through what you bookmarked later, you are all, "I do not know how to put this information to any good use." I do think what it has to say about guilt and unworthiness is good, and that all you really need to do is start TRYING to pursue your dream in order to be happy, and you can only do so much at a time. But I don't know how to actually move from here after reading it.

I'd say the most useful one at this point is the Personal Development book. I do read the author's blog periodically. I don't necessarily agree with everything, but he tends to have good points. And so far he seems to have the most of them.

Things I have learned:
* You should set a goal that excites you to do AND improves your present reality, or at least gives you hope. None of that "I'm going to have to slog through shit and win out in 5 years" stuff.
* Figure out what kinds of goals you like to set. The underlying pattern behind the former is your life purpose.

So what kinds inspire me? Stuff that's kinda big but not too big, personal projects, and preferably finished within 30 days. I like the "try to do it in a month" goals, obviously. I mostly finish knitting projects in a month, NaNo is a month...Unfortunately with writing, you can't have a novel entirely finished and edited and polished in 30 days, and that's where I'm up shit creek.

* When you share what you're doing and teach people what you've learned, that does create social value (that you can get paid for. Who wants it and what need can you fulfill?

Uh....I'm still trying to figure that one out.

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