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2004-03-17, 10:06 p.m.

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As usual, I have had hardly any sleep this week. Despite being tired all Sunday afternoon, I slept not a fucking wink that night. Then Monday night I was up till 1 a.m. I get tired of being zonked enough to pass out for half the day every weekday, dammit, and regular bedtimes make no difference to that.

The good news is that Heather found a place out of town that spays cats whether they're in heat or not for $25. Alas, she can't actually DO this stuff until finals are over (i.e. not before next Wednesday at least). guessed it, Jasmine went back into heat five minutes after Mom left on Sunday.

I have decided to have some fun with her. I'm going to take pictures of her humping things and pointing her ass around me. Perhaps make an amusing photo album out of the experience. Hell, I already put a humping bunny online, why not a humping cat?

There's nothing quite like turning on your TV Monday night to hear this announcement: "Find out which bank's mistake cost customers using their ATM cards money this weekend!" And there's REALLY nothing quite like finding out it was YOUR bank that had the problem, AND you were using your ATM card to buy stuff over the weekend.

Fortunately, I got lucky: I went shopping on Saturday, and Sunday I was off doing the death thing stuff. And Sunday is when the bank screwed up- ATM cards were being denied, and then being charged later anyway.

Someone at work that I had no idea was engaged, is engaged and moving to Chicago after the wedding. There's going to be yet another bridal shower next week. Which now I have to worry about coming up with some excuse not to go to, since I don't have a car to get to any of the places where one gets nice wedding gifts (not that I know what they'd want anyway) and one cannot go to a shower without a gift. She's a nice chick that I could have been friends with under different circumstances, but "oh goodie, another engagement" isn't exactly what I want to hear these days. Or the "Maybe someday it'll be me" wistful musing someone put in the shower card that was being passed around.

Though I couldn't help but think, "Hey, at least I don't have to move to the land of snow for a guy!" That cheered me right up.

I find it disturbing that it seems like my new favorite song that I overplay is Roses by OutKast. I find myself going around crooning, "I know you like to think yo' shit don't stank, but lean a lil bit closer, see, roses really smell like poo poo." This is disturbing, perhaps even more so than my periods of crooning "Fuck Her Gently" on the way to work.

Found out next year's rent is only going up $20 per person, AND we get free wireless net access! Rock on! I love this complex. I think Heather's going to stay another year, but this should hopefully sell her on it. I hope, I hope.

I got the "Screw You" and "Piss Off" bracelets I won in the mail, and they are luverly and fit perfectly. They inspired me to make something of my own. Perhaps an anklet saying "Single 4-Ever."

I am on a hunt for shoes. Ever since seeing this cute pair of Alicia's, I have been craving some kind of high-heeled/platform-y/strappy sandals. I want something to make me feel tall and sexy, not to mention have a spare pair of shoes for when the current pair of surviving sandals die. I'd also like some ballet-flat-ish shoes and some flats that don't cut my feet. This, alas, is difficult to find.

My local shoe-shopping options are:

(a) Really fucking expensive Birkenstock store, $180 shoes that aren't all that and a bag of chips.

(b) Used shoes.

(c) Fairly expensive heels and sandals at the fanciest store in town.

(d) Cheap Mary Janes at the foreign clothes/hippie store.

(e) Gottschalks, on the other side of town.

I browsed a through d today. It should tell you something about my search that I ran into Alicia on my way over there, and when I told her what I was doing she said, "Where do you buy shoes here?" The fancy store shoes were the best of the lot, but every pair I tried on hurt my feet just to stand in them, they were so stiff. And for $50 a pop, fuck that. I did end up getting a $6 pair of MJ's at the hippie store, but those are more for around-the-house wear, or desperate-need-of-flats-that-don't-make-me-bleed wear. For example, tomorrow there's some kind of a dance workshop during lunchtime at work, and the instructions are to "wear clothes you can move in." Good timing to find these, eh? Tomorrow or during the weekend I think I'll attempt Gottschalks and see if anything is promising.

I mentioned the whole shoe thing on chat today, and got a whole lot of folks (miss courtness in particular) getting on me to spend more than $20 on a pair of shoes- buy something quality and expensive that'll last for years as opposed to the 2-3 cheap pairs I buy per year. Two usually end up making my feet bleed immediately upon leaving my house, and the third'll last a year before giving out. There's a point there, but then there's also me choking on the idea of paying large amounts for shoes. Even the best pairs of shoes when I'm wearing socks make my feet blister and/or bleed if I haven't worn them for a few months, and I'd hate to spend that much and then have to trash them like I usually do. Folks pointed me to a bunch of online stores (most everything was about $50), and I've bookmarked a lot. But not being able to try them on before buying makes me nervous at the idea.

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