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2004-03-18, 8:19 p.m.

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Another one of the cool things that comes from working here is the random lunch offerings they have. Today's was a class in "Stimulating The Brain Through Dance," taught by one of the instructors at the local dance studio. Naturally, I had to go, and it was fun for a beginner class (well, except for the yoga bits, because I just hate yoga no matter how many times I try it. Too slow and like meditating, which I also hate). We even did a bit of improv. They had fliers there describing the classes they offer, and much to my delight, they offer a dance improv class! I've always wanted to do that! (I mean, beyond privately grooving in my living room.)

I used to take modern dance there when I first came to town, but then I started dating, then the reporting job, then dating again... so I looked into classes, since this studio is really great. A new session starts at the end of April, the price for one class in improv was reasonable, the timing of the class wasn't horrendous...

BUT. There's always gotta be a but. And in this case, the but is that they've moved their studio from fairly close to me to out in East Bumfuck. It's over by where I used to go to computer club meetings, and I know for a fact it's over a half hour hike from the bus stop to town, and the studio is out even farther than that (they cut the bus stop right nearby it, too).

So it'd be at least a 45-minute hike from my home to class and back. Which annoys me because when one is tired, the last thing one wants to do is know there's a 45-minute hike home.

So I checked the night bus schedule, and it only runs once an hour. I'd have to get onto campus to the bus stop (25 minute walk) and catch the bus by 7, arrive at nearest stop 7:20, and wait around for class at 8. Class gets out at 9, bus comes 9:37 and arrives on campus at 10, catch other bus home.

Either way, it's an enormous time and energy investment, which frustrates the bejesus out of me. Yes, I'd get a workout, but it's a bit too MUCH of a workout, and it'll take me the entire night. I'm not too thrilled at that. Apparently there's nowhere I can go for exercise on non-weekday work hours that I can get to without taking a 45-minute walk back and forth. Ughhh.

I'm signed up to go to this Career Management Academy thing April 2, and I got e-mail today with attachments telling me that I had to take two tests before the course. One of them being a "strong interest inventory" (i.e. "what jobs/subjects sound good to you") and the other being the Myers-Briggs. For some reason they only had us do the first half of the test- I wonder if we have to take the second half in class or something. I've taken the test before formally, but the last time I did it was in the sixth grade or so and I don't really remember much beyond my results. Mainly I vacillated between the thinking/feeling questions like I was on a tightrope between the two. I wonder what they're going to do with these things.

Check out this article. High school girls are selling their jewelry. And it's freaking bottlecap earrings that take five minutes to make. Dayum.

On the one hand, this gives me hope (or would if I lived in Sacramento). On the other hand, I am way intimidated. I have seen jewelry in stores here that I suspect are sold by home designers, but I haven't been able to get up the nerve to even ask about it. I am too shy by far.

The shoe-shopping had a happy ending at Gottschalks- I found these shoes (the top pair), which were the most comfortable ones in the store and on sale to boot. There were many pretty shoes there, but I think I've figured out my shoe-shopping problem: usually when I buy shoes, there's some small thing rubbing or being slightly annoying. I figure this is something that'll go away once the shoes are broken in and buy them anyway, only when I wear the shoes in public for the first time, the annoying thing turns into downright crippling.

I was rather disappointed that I'd found shoes in a perfect color to go with all of my light-colored clothes without being boring-ass white or taupe or beige (they were a very pale blue-purple), but guess what, something rubbed. Waaah!

Hopefully this won't be a problem with the new shoes, though. They're higher heels than I usually wear, and I wanted something kinda foxy to wear to Monte Carlo tomorrow, even if the event'll probably be a bust and filled with either dingy students or older staff. Sometimes you just want a boost.

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