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Improve Through Improv. Part 1

2018-03-19, 10:16 p.m.

I took a marvelous workshop (runs 2 Mondays) tonight from an awesome chick named Millie that I would happily follow around because she is awesome. Seriously fun girl. Way awesome instructor. Wow, I am being so Californian in this entry tonight.

Anyway...I didn’t take notes and kind of wish I had but I was really focused on the fun of this one. It was a combination of improv games and talking about being okay with yourself, being able to say good things about yourself and not being bothered by anyone talking shit, to show vulnerability on stage as a way of making everyone relate to you, and figuring out new ideas and how to support each other on stage. It was more of a “don’t worry so much about stuff, just kinda roll with it” sort of experience, about validating yourself instead of needing ot hers to do it for you. We had four people in class and they were all lovely and I hope I run into them again in the future because we had some fun, y’all.

Mostly we were playing a game called New Choice in which she’d tell us to go a different way in a scene periodically, or this other game where a third person comes in and says a line to heighten the scene. By the end we were all in a scene together figuring out how to do the dynamics of four people improving on stage.

I think I did pretty well, I did have some occasional long blankouts trying to think of something during New Choice, but ah well. Keep going, folks. I did some scenes involving scuba diving (Oh no, we cut the rope...and we sank to the floor), Thanksgiving dinner (I owned a turkey farm and scorned the vegans and yams), a sexy Hollywood party in which I got drunk and slunk onto everyone, a camping scene where I was a whining teenager who kept complaining about the hole in the tent for a reason, and a scene where I was beating up on a broken slot machine.

Oh yeah, and at one point she had us all tell some story of a time we bombed at something and then we were to take a bow. I talked about the time I drove into an onion field--I really should use that one for storytelling sometime.

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