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Supermoon Semi-Crazy Weekend

2011-03-20, 4:46 p.m.

Happy Ostara! Last year at this time I was outside on the lawn, throwing eggs and eating candy and throwing candy, and the weather was gorgeous. This year it's a soggy-ass rainy weekend here. I did drag myself out to go to the gym and then to the drugstore, but by the time I did the last part I wished I hadn't, because it was so wet and nasty out. I spent the rest of the night indoors in sweats, hiding from the storm and making sure I had flashlights around me because this kind of weather tends to knock the power out.

As it turns out, the power DID go out..but not for my HALF of the apartment complex. My side is fine except for the hot water not working. The other side has the power out and that is where the heater is located. I find it kind of worrying that I first noticed this water thing around 10:30, didn't call the management until 3:30, and it was still out then... But considering that I've spent most of the day fixing stuff like iTunes and my phone (hence the later call-in) and going to the grocery store where they had the Internet go out, I am probably lucky that my power didn't go out, or my Internet, or my heat. The whole "supermoon" thing (which I couldn't even see because of the storm) might just have something there when it comes to crazier-than-usual behavior. But there has, so far, been no earthquakes, tsunamis, or tornadoes in my area of Mom's. So that's something.

Anyhoo, clearly this is a weekend where one just has to give it up that you're not going to be doing much of anything besides watching videos, if your power is on. I have spent the weekend with (once again) The Vampire Diaries, Fringe, Bones, and on DVD, "Grosse Pointe." I used to watch this back in the day, it came up in the rental queue and when I first put it on I couldn't remember why I watched it back in the day. Oh, right, because it's a spoof off of 90210 and its actors and that was funny.

So, in other news, I told my shrink on Tuesday that I would place my bet for Mom caving in and calling Mauricio by oh, Wednesday, because when her Internet boyfriend wasn't entertaining her quite as much as usual (on vacation), I think that's when she realized she was missing a local funbuddy or something and maybe she shouldn't have acted so hastily. Well, duh.

Hah, no, turns out she caved on MONDAY and texted him about BART or something being down (why? he's hardly ever on it to my knowledge), and I was all, "Mom, you jerk, what are you doing, leading him on?" On Wednesday, Mauricio's wife called (crying!?) to ask what the hell was going on. Then Mom sent him a long e-mail about how she was tired of the various things that had been going on, and I said, "well, finally, at least you said something." I gather he never responded to the e-mail (well, he did, but ignored the parts about what she had problems with, BIG SHOCK)- but somehow they went out to the movies together Saturday night? ... Yeah, I have no effing clue what the fuck she's doing here, but neither does she. I gather he is sounding pretty depressed, which doesn't surprise me. I just wish she'd figure out what the hell she's doing.

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