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Hours Of Drama Over A Typo

2019-03-22, 9:48 p.m.

Another fucking trainwreck, emotional wringer day.

1. The day started out with overhearing one coworker talking about her job hunting (I’m presuming) and how she was looking forward to ...whatever.

This was later brought up again with other people discussing how super hard it is to get a job and how it is so competitive and you have to be perfect to get any job.

This already made me want to drink.

2. There was HOURS and HOURS of drama about what basically boiled down to “someone made a typo in 2007, no, we can’t explain why the typo was made, but it doesn’t seem to have actually done any harm if literally this hasn’t been noticed in over ten years until today.” The records of how this came about do not exist, no office has them and we have no idea how they disappeared from ours, and the remaining person who was actually here in 2007 and working on this topic obviously doesn’t remember anything at all about this. She dictated all of her e-mails on the subject to me instead of writing them herself, so that was a little weird. But in the end, we don’t have to ask permission from God to fix a typo, so that’s all that matters. But that was hours.

At one point she was saying to me that our office used to not be like this. It used to not be exploding drama all. the. time. It used to be pleasant to work here.

3. We all now have almost all of our office emails channeled into one giant box. I can get why the boss wants this, but I think it is going to be more trouble than it’s worth, because there was quite a lot of squabbling over:

(a) “I want to leave my e-mails in the box because this is an ongoing situation WE ARE NOT DONE WITH and will continue for some time, so NO I don’t want to archive them,” vs.
(b) “If we don’t move things out of the box ASAP, we will have an avalanche of shit next week we can’t keep track of.”

Both have good points. I suggested that Team A create a “Waiting On” folder, like I have in my box for stuff like that. The remaining member of Team A said she’d discuss it with her partner when her partner is back in the office again.

4. I did get to have a meeting with my boss about the mailing stuff, which went well, but then she had to leave early because.... Her son stuck magnets up his nose. When she returned from the doctor with him, she introduced him around the office and explained why she had been out of the office, which appears to be how the family razzes each other? He seemed unfazed.

Apparently what happened was along the lines of “you know how some earrings use magnets these days? He wanted to see if he could do that like a fake septum piercing, except who knew that magnets really want to go up your entire nose?”

This was the biggest laugh all day and was a delight. Thanks, kid!

5. GQ can do a Sudoku puzzle in 3.5 minutes, or at least he did with one of them. I passed him a few more but he ran out of his 5 minute time limit on the second one.

6. We had a celebrity sighting today, according to the Internet. Sorry I missed that one, but I was inside dealing with Teh Dramaz.

7. At some point I sprained my left thumb and cannot explain how that happened. Thankfully it was only the left one so that didn’t cause much in the way of work difficulties, but I didn’t want to mention it there in case anyone was all “Workman’s comp!” It’ll probably be fine tomorrow but am home with an ice pack and a beer now.

8. At least one other coworker besides me was all, “I am gonna go home and DRINK TONIGHT.” I am drinking more of that beer. And then I opened the chocolate wine. She was all, “I bought four bottles of wine this week and it is not enough.”

9. Oh yeah, and the Mueller report came out and none of the Trumps have been indicted or will be, apparently.


I am so emotionally tired, y’all. I don’t have much in the way of inner resources to keep trying the impossible any more. My caring is flushing down the drain in a lot of areas. I don’t have the drive to keep on job hunting any more. I have no way to fix this issue but finding another job but I am so burned out I can’t keep working on finding another job and I’m so out of care to keep searching for what I can’t fucking find.

I am tired of trying to find a way for someone else to pick me to do things and I don’t have the brains to pick myself by running a business. I have no competitiveness and I am sick of competition and losing. As Melinda has said, I need a quick win.

Days like this is where I am all, “I am tired of trying to solve this problem with my brain. I want to pay a psychic to tell me,” except then I am probably paying a psychic to tell me bullshit and lies so that I feel better, and I’m not super great at believing bullshit and lies most of the time so I’ll just sit there and my brain will be all, “this is bullshit,” so what’s the point?

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