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Three Fair Day

2012-03-24, 6:54 p.m.

Staycation, day 3: I stayed home and did laundry for hours and hours and hours. It sounds lame, but it was really nice doing laundry during a time when no one else (well, almost no one) is so I can use as many washers as I need rather than doing it in stages. Admittedly, it still took like 4 hours because I washed towels and had to re-dry the loads (grr), but at least I wasn't doing it late at night on a weeknight or at the ass crack of dawn on a weekend, which is normally when you need to do it to avoid the crowds. Then I went to zumba class at a time I couldn't normally go. I went to zumba classes four days in a row. Very exciting!

As for today, it was the long-awaited "hit 3 fairs in one day!" gathering. We arrived at #1, the gem faire, right as they opened at 10. Everyone had a good time at this one, and some folks found very specific things they wanted of a rock-related nature. This one was more raw rock-themed than bead-themed like the last one was, but I still uh...pretty much bought beads anyway. Fun times. We finished that one before 2 hours were up, so we headed to the second one: the quilting/crafting/sewing fair, arrived around 12:20.

Now, I'd wondered how big this one was going to be, seeing as they were supposed to be holding it in two buildings at the big city fairgrounds and they mentioned almost all kinds of crafts were to be at this thing. In practice, though, it turned out to be mostly quilting and none of us actually quilts. There were some random things here and there, some classes being offered in booths-- I made a fabric bracelet in one. But for all intents and purposes, the booths were only in one building and I think we were all done with it in an hour. We had brought food for a picnic lunch, which they let us bring in and eat there. Very nice of them, plus we didn't have to find fast food or eat the dubious fair food. By 2 p.m. we were on our way to #3, the book fair.

To be honest, I don't think anyone was terribly into the book fair-- it was a lot of antique books, but frequently they were quite pricey. I bought one for $13, but mostly we were done there within an hour and a half.

Hmmm, what else can we do? Right, go hit another bookstore. Which is what we did.

It was fun, even if I think only 1 out of 3 fairs would be ones anyone would want to return to again. For a day I figured would be an abysmal amount of spending out of me, even I wasn't too bad.

On a less fun note, I seem to be coming down with something. I woke up at 6 a.m. with a sore throat, which did not improve all day, and about an hour or two ago I started feeling feverish and like my back is super warm and you know, flu-y feeling even though I got a flu shot and haven't been around anyone who's sick. Blech. Way to get that while on vacation, huh?

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